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16 August 1931George: George's sister, Louise Harrison, was born.
19 September 1934Brian Epstein: Brian Epstein is born.
3 December 1938John: The wedding of Julia Stanley and Alfred Lennon.
9 October 1940John: John Lennon was born, 6:00 and 30 minutes.
20 July 1940George: George's brother, Peter Harrison, was born.
7 July 1940Ringo: Richard Starkie was born.
18 June 1942Paul: Paul McCartney was born.
25 February 1943George: George Harrison was born.
7 January 1944Paul: Paul's brother, Peter Michael McCartney, was born.
4 August 1946Ringo: Maureen Cox (later Starkey) is born.
10 September 1950Brian Epstein: Brian Epstein got a job at the Isaac Epstein and Sons family shop.
31 October 1956Paul: Paul's mother died of breast cancer, Mary McCartney.
16 January 1957Beatles: World Beatles Day.
Cavern Club opens on Matthew Street.
18 October 1957Beatles: Paul's official debut with The Quarrymen at a concert after the Conservatives Club meeting at New Clubmore Hall (Norris Green), and Paul was very nervous.
March 1957Beatles: Lennon forms a skiffle group called the Black Jacks with Pete Shotton.
The band is later renamed the Quarrymen.
22 June 1957Beatles: The Quarrymen gave two big concerts in the back of an open truck on Rosbury Street, at the 750th anniversary of the Liverpool Charter.
9 June 1957Beatles: The Quarrymen audition for Carroll Levis's TV Star Search at the Empire Theatre, but do not qualify.
20 July 1957Beatles: McCartney is invited to join the Quarrymen.
15 July 1958John: Lennon's mother, Julia Lennon, is run over and killed by a speeding car.
9 July 1958Beatles: The Quarrymen pay 17 pounds and 6 pence to record two songs at a local recording studio, namely 'That'll Be the Day' by Buddy Holly and 'In Spite of All the Danger' by Harrison and McCartney.
27 December 1960Beatles: Returning to Liverpool from Hamburg, the Beatles play Litherland Town Hall.
The performance creates buzz and frenzy.
31 December 1960Beatles: The Beatles give a New Year's Eve performance at the Casbah Club.
14 May 1960Beatles: The Silver Beetles play the Lathom Hall.
5 January 1961Beatles: The Beatles perform at the Town Hall in Litherland.
They play various local venues over the next 3 months.
17 October 1961Beatles: he Beatles' first fan club performance, at the David Lewis Club.
28 October 1961Brian Epstein: A customer called Raymond Jones enquires about the Beatles' 'My Bonnie' single at Epstein's NEMS store, despite the record only being released in Germany.
Epstein promises to find it.
30 October 1961Brian Epstein: Two more girls enquire about the My Bony record.
9 November 1961Brian Epstein: Epstein and his assistant Alistair Taylor watch the Beatles perform a lunchtime show at the Cavern Club.
10 December 1961Brian Epstein: The Beatles and Epstein meet again, this time at the Casbah Coffee Club.
3 December 1961Brian Epstein: Brian Epstein invited the Beatles to his NEMS office to discuss his future contract.
4 December 1961Brian Epstein: Deutsche Grammophone representatives meet Epstein to discuss the possibility of releasing 'My Bonnie' in the UK.
6 December 1961Brian Epstein: The Beatles meet Epstein at his shop again.
11 March 1961Beatles: The 'Beatles Farewell Show' takes place at the Aintree Institute.
The show goes on all night, concluding at 8 am, and features performances from other Liverpool bands such as Gerry & the Pacemakers and Rory Storm and the Hurricanes.
21 March 1961Beatles: The Beatles first performed at the Cavern Club.
From 1961 to 1962 the band performed on this stage 292 times.
21 April 1961Beatles: The Beatles played for the first time at the Cavern Club.
13 July 1961Beatles: The Beatles' first performance back in England, at St John's Hall, Tuebrook.
20 July 1961Beatles: The Beatles make the front page of Mersey Beat with a story about their contract with Kaempfert.
3 July 1961Beatles: The Beatles return to Liverpool.
6 July 1961Beatles: The first edition of Mersey Beat is published, and includes an essay by Lennon about the Beatles.
24 January 1962Brian Epstein: The Beatles sign a contract to make Epstein their manager.
28 October 1962Beatles: The Beatles make their first appearance at the Liverpool Empire Theatre, again supporting Little Richard.
17 December 1962Brian Epstein: Epstein takes producer Martin to watch one of the Beatles' regular shows at the Cavern Club.
5 February 1962Beatles: For two performances (noon at The Cavern; evening at the Kingsway Club in Southport) Starr fills in as the Beatles' drummer while Best is ill.
9 June 1962Beatles: The first concert in Cavern after working in Hamburg, 'Welcome home.'.
9 June 1962Beatles: The Beatles play at the Cavern Club again—their first performance there since they last departed for Germany.
14 August 1962Brian Epstein: Epstein asks Starr to join the Beatles permanently.
15 August 1962Beatles: Best performs his last show with the Beatles, at the Cavern Club.
22 August 1962Beatles: On this day The Beatles gave their 51st lunchtime performance at Liverpool’s Cavern Club.
This was the 11th occasion on which they performed both lunchtime and evening shows at the venue.
23 August 1962John: Lennon marries Cynthia Powell.
10 September 1962Beatles: Lennon and Harrison buy new guitars from Rushworth and Dreaper's.
8 April 1963John: John's son was born to Cynthia, Julian Lennon.
18 March 1976Paul: Paul's father, James McCartney, died of pneumonia.
January 1987Ringo: Ringo's mother died, Elsie Starkie.
5 May 1990John: The John Lennon Memorial Concert organized by Yoko Ono, attracted less than a third of the expected 45,000 fans.
14 December 1999Paul:
24 May 2002Paul: Paul McCartney opened his first graphics exhibition 'The Art Of Paul McCartney'.
7 July 2002Paul: Paul's father, James McCartney, was born.
24 April 2003John: John's aunt Mimi Smith was born.
29 September 2009Paul: Paul's mother, Mary McCartney, was born.
14 December 2012John: John's father, Alfred Lennon, was born.
1 October 2013Ringo: Ringo's father, Richard Henry Parkin Starkin, was born.
12 March 2014John: John's mother, Julia Stanley, was born.

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