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Russian counterparts to foreign services when blocked

Russian military operation in Ukraine

We are already used to the fact that sometime something can be blocked.
For example, Russia blocked LinkedIn because they collect the data of our citizens and store it on the territory of their country.
And according to the laws of the Russian Federation, servers with Russian data must be located on the territory of Russia.
Russia also blocks many sites that it considers malicious.

Some Western websites are blocking access to Russians because they are afraid of cyberattacks.
And of course, due to military operations in Ukraine, the number of blocked resources is growing.

If you are not satisfied with analogues or have nothing to replace, but really need it, use a VPN.
It's not the best solution, but still.

And it is clear, ideally, it is better not to replace anything.
Plus, not everything is blocked.

Russian analogue has no analogue at all

Social networks

Russian analogue VKontakte, Odnoklassniki
in fact, it will not be possible to quickly replace it, the reason is the contact base. These are different social networks. However, over time, you can get used to it and everything will be fine.

Russian analogue Chikchirik
similar in function and not bad, but few people know Chikchirik. So it won't work.

Russian analogue Snapster
the replacement is so-so, and of course you will have to look for friends again, if they are there.

Chinese, so you won't have to change.

Video hosting

Russian analogue Yandex.Video, Video< /a>, Rutube
however, all of our video services are very inferior and are very limited replacements.
I would call the video service on VKontakte the best alternative.


Russian analogue, Yandex.Mail
it's just a matter of habit, and mail is mail. It’s just that you won’t be able to go quickly, whoever tried it knows.
It will take months, or even years, until they stop writing to your old address.
And of course, you need to do some serious work to change the email address everywhere you registered.

Drive.Google, Dropbox
Russian analogue Cloud, Yandex.Disk
the replacement is quite acceptable.

WhatsApp, Skype
Russian analogue ICQ
it will take time for the transition, here you need to go together so that you have someone to communicate with.

Russian analogue Sferum
raw replacement.


Spotify, Apple Music Russian analogue Yandex.Music
the replacement is generally acceptable.

Russian analogue Kinopoisk, IVI, Okko
the replacement is generally acceptable.


Apple Pay, Google Pay
Russian analogue Mir Pay

MasterCard, Visa
analogue of Unionpay, Mir
Chinese Unionpay is still coming to us, it is accepted in 180 countries, and in the country Mir. What to do?

Russian analogue
not very comparable, but what is there.


Google Chrome
Russian analogue Yandex Browser
the replacement is quite acceptable.

Russian analogue Yandex.Documents
the replacement is generally acceptable.


Russian analogue Yandex.Maps
the replacement is quite acceptable.

Google Maps
Russian analogue Yandex.Maps, DoubleGIS
the replacement is quite acceptable.