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World war

What is happening now?
Is there a 3rd World War?
World War 3 begins?

Did the 1st end?

The bottom line is that the 2nd world followed from the 1st and was much more destructive.
It took decades to restore. It became obvious to everyone that the consequences of the 3rd would not be able to cope.

But the countries have essentially not changed and, as before, a stronger country imposes its will on the weak.
Instruments of pressure are most often economic.

There was already a cold war.

Now goes:

  • world economic war,
  • world information war,
  • world guerrilla war.

Guerrilla War

Pay attention to the news - there are too many fires in Russia - shopping centers and enterprises are burning. Explosions at oil and gas enterprises in the United States. Explosions on the Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 gas pipelines (who benefits from this and who is able to do it? - only the United States in retaliation for sabotage at gas enterprises in the United States).

There was no direct clash between the USSR - the USA (Russia - the USA), but we killed each other with the wrong hands:

  • Vietnamese, Korea - the USSR supplied weapons and instructors to the Vietnamese and Koreans,
  • Afghanistan - The United States supplied weapons and instructors to dushmans,
  • Ukraine - The United States supplied weapons and instructors to Ukraine.