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USA, Russia and UN have begun negotiations in the field of providing security on the Internet and limiting the military use of cyberspace.

Paul Kurtz: The Cold Cyber ​​War has already begun.

The Pentagon is instructed to counterattack hackers.

Cyber-war of the USA

The naval forces USA created a cyberwar, led by Vice Admiral Denby Starling II. As reported by Lenta.Ru, the CYBERFORs created are directly under the command of the Navy USA and will work together with the information security service of the Navy NETWARCOM.

CYBERFOR's responsibilities include cryptographic work, information intelligence, information support, protection against attacks through computer networks and using high technology technology. In addition, the new troops will be administered and carried out by the space operations that will be carried out to support the Navy USA on land and on water.

The headquarters of CYEBRFOR will be located in the state of Virginia on the basis of the expeditionary troops Little Creek Fort Storey.

It should be noted that confrontation with information and cyberattacks is one of the priorities of the national intelligence strategy USA, released in September 2009. Although, the document does not indicate specific sources of cyberthreats, but earlier many American politicians claimed that they could be Russia and China.

At the end of 2009, the president of USA Barack Obama appointed as the main coordinator of the policy in the field of cyber security of former adviser George W. Bush Howard Schmidt. At the new location, Schmidt reports to Deputy Minister of National Security John Brennan and collaborates with the Economic Council under the President.

Recall, in December, USA, Russia and UN started negotiations in the field of providing security on the Internet and limiting the military use of cyberspace.

Moscow and Washington can not yet reach a consensus, However, according to informed sources, recently there has been some progress in the process of convergence of positions due to the softening of the American side. Earlier, experts say, any initiatives Russia in cybersecurity matters the United States criticized and did not take into account.

Now, the countries agree on the main thing - the world arms race on the Net must be curbed and put in certain frames.