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Archive of Internet

How did the site look in the beginning of Internet

  1. - Webpage archive - We can save the page of any website on the Internet. And it will last for 7 months, even if the site changes or ceases to exist. Then it will be possible to renew again.
logo 20 years of Internet


20 years of Internet

20 years runetu.
A simple and clear website dedicated to 20 years of Runet.
The site contains a selection of news by years of the most significant runetu.

We recommend
- Russian


Another fairly decent site with a history.
We enter the URL of the site, but if the project described above gives out the saving dates, clicking on which we get to the start page, and then look at the navigation, it is saved.
Then this project will give links to pages with screenshots.
You can immediately select the desired page, if it is.

Each site has its own advantages, we can use both, depending on our task.

logo Archive


A non-profit organization founded in 1996 in San Francisco.
The archive collects copies of web pages, graphic materials, video, audio recordings And software.
The archive provides long-term archiving of collected material and free access to its databases for the general public. The declared goal of the Archive is the preservation of the cultural and historical values ​​of civilization in the era of Internet technologies, the creation and support of the electronic library.
The size of the Archive - 3 petabytes (1 pet Byte=1000 gigabytes, more accurately 1024 gigabytes), will soon increase to 5 petabytes.
It contains 85 billion web pages.
The Archive Server is located in San Francisco, mirrors - in the New Alexandria Library and Amsterdam. From 2007 the Archive has the legal status of the library.

Wayback Machine

Archive service

It's interesting to see how some site looked before, and maybe what my site looked like?
True copies do not contain all the pages, once without pictures, the site of Yandex blocked its history.

That is, do not require too much from the site. Archive, it is the archive. And it's hard to follow the progress of Internet, not what to save. So, how lucky.


Story of the Web


The history of Internet.
A site in the style of a presentation that shows the most significant Internet events.

logo DomainTools



The site is similar to Screenshot history.
Here is also Whois story, which is quite interesting.
Say, before the site looked different. And then we can find out whether it looked different, because there was another owner or so the site developed.

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