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Social network for sharing images before and after changes.
Look how you were yesterday and who you are now.
Afraid of the darkness when I was a child, and now your active life is going on at night? Did not it work with mathematics at school and suddenly became an astro-physicist? Was a popular sportsman, and now you sit out your life behind the TV? See how the place in which you grew up has changed. Change is part of your life and part of everything that surrounds you. On 'Bylo Steel' we can look at the difference between the past and the present, between what was then and what now! This is a portal for raising the mood, where you understand, everything that happens is for the better. You can look at yourself from the other side - 'everything changes.'

  • Find friends;
  • Add your photos;
  • Look at how your idol has changed;
  • Share images with friends from other social networks;
  • Show your work.

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Skit Hub

Photos of cities for comparison, how they looked before and how now. The angle is approximately the same. Most likely found more or less suitable pictures.

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