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Now you can find old friends in social network, but there are more of them. To simplify the task, there are special services that are searched for by social networking sites, and more.

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The service allows the employer to find out if his employee is looking for work.
And as a consequence in advance to look for a replacement.
The service not only informs that this employee is looking for work, but also how actively he does it and how many.

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Search for people from Yandex.
In fact, here you search for accounts on the main social networks.

You can not only be found, but you can also help group your accounts on different social networks through Yandex, social profiles.
You can immediately allow or disallow this information.
There is no permission by default.

Delete profile from search results

Remove public profile from public access

Privacy settings can be changed to on the corresponding page of the VK settings.

Remove the Facebook profile from public access

To close the profile, go to Facebook page Privacy Settings and go to the 'Applications and Websites' section. Opposite the item "Open search" is the link 'Change settings'.
Click on this link and uncheck the "Enable open search" check box on the opened page.

Remove classmates from public access

To close the profile on Odnoklassniki go to the settings page (
Go to the 'Publicity settings' section (if you want a flexible publicity setting and the ability to prevent search engines from indexing a profile, leaving it visible to Internet users) or 'Close profile' (if you want your profile to be visible only to users And configure the required settings.

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logo Yandex Blogs

reliable site

Owner: Яндекс,

phone.:8 800 250-96-39 (Russian Customers toll-free), 8 800 234-24-80 (Russian Customers toll-free), + 7 495 974-35-81, + 7 495 739-70-00
address: 119021, Москва, ул. Льва Толстого, 16

Yandex Blogs

Yandex signed a contract with Facebook.
Before Yandex was looking for people on Facebook. Now the search goes on the content of the pages.

Search is on open data of users of Russian-speaking and Turkish Facebook. I specify - only on the basis of open data. If you do not open access to your photo album or have only been granted access to friends or a closed group, they will not be included in Yandex. At first, I was surprised that the country's leading site did not create its blogosphere, as it were behind.

And what would you do on the site of Yandex? Being the #1 site to do what many do and automatically become #2. 1st place already took right.

Yandex took their niche, they did what others did not do - Search in blogs. A talented solution in this situation. They did not become another blog, but they became higher, they began to explore all the blogs. So they combined blogs. And now they write ab"

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