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logo Droider

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address: Russia, Москва


News about Apple and Google, Android and iOS, and in general about gadgets Internet technologies.
Reviews of applications and devices, and many other interesting things, including news about hightech in the Droider Show.

Information project about gadgets in all their manifestations, technologies and geek culture.
The purpose - interesting, fast and accessible to tell fans of technologies about new devices, applications and games.

The main thing is video reviews.
It is made intelligently and qualitatively. A good picture, video editing, good sound (often it is not even steamed about the sound).
Pure speech, which I like. Sometimes you watch it, but instead of arguments, all you like is not convincing.
And here people with brains explain to us what is not clear.

This is not just a stupid show to kill time, but a place where we can understand a lot.

logo TeachVideo

reliable site

Uses: YouTube.

address: Russia


Interactive training television.
This service enables users to get a video response (in the form of a screencast) on the raised question on computer subjects (for various programs, Internet services and ...). The project provides not only a video responses service, But also other standard web 2.0 social services, as well as the ability to watch screencasts-reviews on novelties in the world of IT and Internet. The main application is getting the most necessary and useful information about computers, as well as the opportunity to learn news in this area, to be constantly up to date with the latest developments. Video tutorials about computers and modern technologies using Internet, and also to be in the know The latest events from the world of IT.



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