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The site is before America's auto travelers.
America is a nation on wheels. My friends in the US said that in America you must have a car. They do not ask "do you have?" "My friend from Sweden planning a trip to the US was looking for where to rent a car. By the way, one of my friends from Canada was traveling to Europe (he comes from Great Britain). He bought a used car in the UK and traveled all over Europe. Then he returned and sold the car. So it turned out cheaper.
That's the idea.

We know that a trip can be a huge challenge or an exciting journey. Here you need to find good restaurants (inexpensive, but who know how to cook), where to stay for the night and where to stop to look something.

The main thing on the site is a map: classic routes along the US roads, examples of trips, unusual places.

Of course, on the map you can find cities in Russia and other countries, but here the information is much more scarce, raw.

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