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Last Minute Tours

Attention! When buying vouchers
  1. First, make sure that transport services are included in the tour price. The voucher can be cheaper, but you will still have to pay for the plane tickets.
  2. Check the power supply question, not all tours include meals or full meals
  3. Keep in mind the 4 star hotel in the Arab world or Canaries - these are different things.
  4. Do not forget to see what weather is in the place you are going to. Can there heat at 50 ° C, and therefore discounts.
logo Momondo


A very intuitive website for finding the cheapest tickets.
This is a Danish website. There are a number of languages ​​- including Russian.
On the site you can see the price scale of airlines depending on the seasons.

Search for rooms in more than 100,000 hotels all over the world, from cheap hostels to the most expensive and most luxurious hotels.

Payment methods

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logo KAYAK

reliable site

Owner: Booking Holdings,



Compare prices on hundreds of sites at once.

Search for flights, hotels, car rentals and not only with KAYAK. KAYAK searches simultaneously on hundreds of sites where you can get the necessary information and make the right decision.

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logo Tourstanok


The project of a major travel agency "Upgrade".
The site among other things publish ads about unsold travel packages of other agencies at low prices - in Essence is the drain of cheap tours, such an approximate "Chiptrip". This is, perhaps, the most convenient and pleasant site of the travel agency in Russian.

A dozen countries for recreation, the most typical, and restless, all inclusive; The price is something from $200 for a ticket for one; Point of sale in Moscow, Peter, Kiev and Kaliningrad (for the ticket it is necessary to go to the office in one of the These cities). On the site - pay attention to what should be a site with tickets - a simple, understandable tape with ads, the human language of descriptions, including in the help section, branches in social networks, subscription to vouchers.

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logo Trip Advice



Trip Advice

Travel guides for those who like to travel alone, about

  • how to save on living in Paris or where cheap and tasty to eat in Barcelona.
  • here do not offer hotels for several hundred euros per night, but will tell you about little-known apartments or family hoteliers.
  • There are no bus group tours, but will help to feel the city or country, get acquainted with the real, non-tourist culture and taste traditional cuisine.


Trip Advice
logo Hot tickets

Hot tickets

We choose where to go at the best prices. You can see the photo, find a travel agent not far from home.

The photo will show the resort at the best time of year, so find out the weather in this area for the time of the planned visit.

Hot tickets
logo Hipmunk




The fastest, easiest way to plan travel.
This app will save you time by comparing all the top travel sites so you don’t have to.

The goal is to make finding flights and hotels fast and easy.


  • FAST and EASY flight and hotel booking.
  • Find the LOWEST PRICES on airfare.
  • See flights sorted by “agony” to SAVE TIME by minimizing duration, layovers and price.
  • Unique layout makes it easy to find flights with Wi-Fi.
  • BOOK HOTELS directly on Hipmunk within the app.
  • Need a LAST MINUTE hotel room? Get up to 60% OFF with TONIGHT DEALS.
  • See TrustYou reviews, star ratings, and easily COMPARISON SHOP HOTELS.
  • Hotel heat maps show how close lodging is to shopping, dining & more.
  • COMPARE and book hotels, Airbnb rentals, hostels and HomeAway rentals.
Unlike every other travel app out there, Hipmunk doesn't just show you the cheapest flight first--the app sorts by "agony" instead, which incorporates important factors like flight duration, number of layovers and price. Want to know when airfare changes? Our fare alerts will alert you quickly when prices change.

Hipmunk’s hotels are shown on a map so you can see exactly where you'll be staying.
You can also read TripAdvisor reviews in the app and turn on heatmaps to see which are the best areas to stay in based on unique interests like food, landmarks, nightlife and more. Plus, save up to 60% off with new Tonight Deals on hotels worldwide.

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