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logo Surfingbird



Russian analogue for English StumbleUpon.
The principle is the same. Click on the green button at the top Surf or Next page.
You can also log in via the same Facebook or VK account or register.

Here you can also recommend sites. You can see not only the page, but the list of page announcements and decide for yourself what to open, for this click on SUBSCRIPTIONS or POPULAR.

iTunes Android

In Russian



Your bookmarks online from anywhere.

It happens that people collect bookmarks in a browser, but what about another browser? ... another computer?

How it works

  1. register, confirm email,
  2. save your browser's bookmarks in an HTML file,
  3. transfer bookmarks to the site.
If your bookmarks have been arranged in folders, this grouping of bookmarks will remain here. But if you have a subfolder, they will not be transferred. Will have to add manually.


Random Website

The site is similar in functionality to StumbleUpon, only much easier.
There is no registration, settings, the ability to evaluate, add .... nothing but the Surprise me button (surprise me).
Click the button and hit the random site, click a

logo Google Bookmarks

Russian - English

Owner: Google

Google Bookmarks

Smart bookmarking service.
It will show you what queries you made, your visiting trend.
That is, you can dig on Internet, then dig into your browsing history and add what you need to your bookmarks.

New Tab Page




On the logos page of the most visited sites: search engines, mail, TV, music ...
Visually, easily and quickly you can go to the desired site.
There is a version for mobile.

It is offered with one click to make the site the homepage of the brows

logo My Yahoo


Owner: Yahoo

My Yahoo

Customizable start page for Yahoo.
Registration is required so that your settings are preserved. Immediately it is proposed to customize the style and theme: background, number of columns, theme. If you are satisfied with everything or still do not care, just agree with the proposed option and go ahead.

The main drawback - it is imprisoned not for Russia, because there will not be the most convenient services for us, say news, weather, sports ...

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