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Cheese, cheese knife and paper clip

Brunost or Mysost
Soft, sweetish brown cheese. Some compare it with the taste of condensed milk and cheese at the same time. This caramelized cheese, which is obtained by boiling the whey, milk and cream until all the liquid has evaporated.
Soft light classic Brunost cheese, made from cow's milk, with a soft and sweet caramel flavor.
Translated as an old cheese. Grainy, moist hard cheese, which has traditionally been the basis of dietary nutrition due to low fat content (1%) and high protein content (50%).
A similar sweet cheese, has a specific flavor inherent in goat milk, from which it is made.
One of the varieties of Brunost cheese is hard cheese from the Gudbransdall valley.
A darker version of the cheese with a slightly tart, sweet taste.
Delicious Norwegian cheese, the technology of production is kept in the strictest secrecy. Known for 50 years. It has a yellow color, large holes (holes in cheese, called eyes), a pleasant nut-milk, slightly sweetish taste. The Norwegian license is produced in the USA.
Processed cheese, exported to 30 countries. Known since 1924.
(norw. nøkkel+ost — key + cheese)
Norwegian cheese made from cow's milk, with the addition of caraway and cloves. Extract of this cheese is 3 months.
(norw. ost+høvel — cheese + plane)
Literally translated from Norwegian, as a 'cheese slice'.
Knife for cheese.
Semi-sweet taste of soft cheese made from cow's milk.

Brown cheese

At first this goat, or rather the goat-milk or brown cheese, seems unusual, sweet, clinging to the teeth. But if you ate, then you fell in love with him forever.

Cheese knife

The main feature, it cuts thinly and equally cheese. In Russia, cheese has always been cut large. Just in Scandinavia, sandwiches are popular, they eat them all day. And these sandwiches are multi-layer, so the layer should be thin. And in Russia there was a maximum of cheese and butter.

By the way, we bought even the most expensive cheese knives in Russia. They look almost the same, but everyone was so shy. In no comparison are not even the most simple and cheap from Norway. Although I bought in Sweden, there is no difference, Scandinavia.

A knife for cheese and a clip was invented by Norwegians. Also there is the famous specific Norwegian goat cheese. These things Norway is proud of.

There are of course Vikings, salmon, mountains and skies, a northern safari with whales ...
There are many things that Norway knows. There are Norwegians known all over the world: Amundsen, Tour Hierdal ...
But most of all, Norway is proud of these three: brown cheese, cheese knife and a paper clip.

Paper clip

It's a simple invention, like a bicycle that the whole world uses. That's why the Norwegians pride.

For the inhabitants of Norway, the clip has also a profound symbolic meaning. This is due to the heroic history that occurred during the Second World War.

In 1940, after capturing the country, the Nazis placed the occupation government in power and forbade local residents to wear buttons and badges with the initials of the expelled Norwegian king Hokon VII.

Then the Norwegians remembered about paper clips and began to wear them on clothes, so the latter became a kind of symbol of the unity of the nation and resistance.

The feat of citizens and the merits of the inventor were not forgotten: in January 1990, a monument to Juhan Voler was erected in Oslo in the form of a giant clip.

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