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Tax Free

Tax Free
The system for refunding the amount of value-added tax (VAT).

The more goods are exported abroad, the more profitable for the country. Therefore, to increase the attractiveness of purchases in the country and came up with Tax Free. Like if you are not a citizen of our country, then you do not have to pay taxes to us and you will be refunded VAT.

The minimum purchase price and validity of Tax Free by country
How to return money by Tax Free immediately to your ЮMoney account

After the purchase we issue Tax Free. Since we are guests of the country, we are not required to pay VAT.

Tax free

Making Tax Free

  • When you pay for the goods, say that you would like to issue Tax Free (if you do not speak the language, understand the word Taxpheres and understand what you want).
  • In a small store it will be done at the checkout, in a large one there will be a separate place where you will give your goods and checks, your packs will be sealed with adhesive tape and decorated by attaching paper to the checks.
  • At the Finnish customs we present these checks with notes, you can be asked to show your purchases, if they are unpacked, Tax Free is canceled. You receive VAT refund only if you have not used the goods in Finland.
  • Upon returning to Russia, we are looking for a Tax Free payment point. As a rule, such items can be in some banks.
I tried to put a seal on the Swedish-Finnish border to get money in Finland right away, but print only if we leave the Eurozone.

Tax Free Return Offices

Money can be obtained

  • on a plastic card, only have to wait up to 60 days.
  • rubles, then you will have to pay for the exchange,
  • in EURO, but only the bank is unlikely to be small money, because it would be nice to have some kind of small thing with it.
Tax Free is more advantageous in Finland, there will be no fees.
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