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Sell-out in Norway

Drink a jar or bottle of drink and throw it away.
In any supermarket or 7-eleven, you can get from 1 to 5 kroons for them.

By the way, say a bank from Denmark (there are no external differences) will not be accepted in Norway and vice versa. Or rather, they will, but for free. Even the machine will clearly distinguish them.

Norway is the richest of European countries (oil and gas), because the prices are very high. This is immediately evident to people who are accustomed to travel to Finland.
Nevertheless, one can find products that are cheaper in Norway than in Russia, and, moreover, of higher quality.

Overdue? - minus 50%

Often there are discounts and if the goods are overdue, then you can specify it on the checkout and you will skimp at least 50%. Do not be afraid of expired goods. The term on the goods means the period of realization, not consumption. And this does not mean that yesterday was fresh, but today it is rotten. In fact, there is no difference. In addition, this is Norwegian quality. So there is a "safety margin" here.


Tilbud - translates as a sentence.
If Tilbud is written on the price tag or product, it means that the product is being sold at a reduced price and will not be cheaper.


Christmas sales - from December 27 until the end of January.
Summer sales - after Ivan's Day (the end of June) until the second half of July.
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