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logo Eurovision


Owner: Eurovision,official site.



The official website of Eurovision will help you get what people love at this contest - songs.
They can be listened to and watched before or after the competition. So to say, prolong the pleasure.
I personally like to watch the song I liked in different formats:

  1. before the contest - in clip format,
  2. at the contest - in the format of a show of a performance or a concert.
There is also related information. For example, the contest takes place in Kiev - there is information about Kiev. Especially will be in demand for those who plan to attend the competition.

And of course, information on the participants, and after voting - the results for the semi-finals and finals.

In short, the necessary information, and most importantly - videos with songs.

iTunes Android

Eurovision YouTube


official site.

Uses: YouTube.

tel.: +7 (800) 500-50-50

Official account on YouTube.
It happened that the Eurovision contest held in Ukraine was not broadcast in Russia. But that's probably why it was even more curious to see.

We searched for various channels, I wanted to in Russian. But the Belarusian television channel showed a low resolution picture.
But Eurovision is a spectacular competition, it's not so much important as sound and picture (it's a spectacular show).

We liked YouTube the most. Real-time, excellent resolution, sound. Then you can look again.

logo Morning Star Yuri Nikolaev



Morning Star Yuri Nikolaev

A new format of creative competitions for children and young people.
The main stages of each current season of the contest are held on Internet. Voting takes place on the basis of ratings of voting of spectators and estimation of jury on a site of competition.
The principle of voting is honesty and openness. For the results of voting you can follow the online mode on our website.

logo Competition Christian sites



Owner: Novomedia,reliable site.

tel.: +7 (495) 495-00-00

Competition Christian sites

Annual competition of Christian sites.

Contest rules and participation conditions

  1. Only Christian sites can participate in the contest. There are no restrictions on denominations, the competition is not adenominated.
  2. Sites that use Russian or Ukrainian as the main language are allowed to participate in the competition.
  3. To participate in the contest, you must:
    • submit an application,
    • after submitting an application to place a button of the contest participant on your site (the button code is sent to the email after registration).
  4. Only owners and site administrators have the right to apply for participation in the competition.
  5. There are 11 thematic nominations in the contest, and the jury will also choose the site-opening of the year.
  6. When submitting an application, the site author can choose only one nomination.
  7. The winner in the nomination 'opening of the year' is determined by the jury. In this category, all sites that are launched or become known for the last year are participating
  8. The purpose of the competition is to stimulate the development of Christian sites, as well as identify the best of them.
  9. The ceremony of awarding winners in their nominations will be held within the framework of the forum 'Christianity-online'. The presence of the author of the site is not necessary, but highly desirable.
  10. Winners will receive prizes: special diploma, 1 year of free professional hosting and an honorary badge of the winner, which can be placed on your website. Also, the jury will choose one site for which the redesign will be made for free.
  11. The determination of the winners in 11 thematic nominations takes place in 2 stages, first the popular vote, and then the jury's assessment
  12. The administration has the right, at its discretion, to withdraw sites from the competition.

Voting rules

  1. Strictly forbidding any voting results. When a cheater is found, the site in favor of which the votes are wound will be withdrawn from the competition.
  2. One person can vote only once in one nomination
  3. In order for a vote to be counted, you need to:
    • Choose the nomination in which you want to vote,
    • Choose the top three in your list Opinion of the site, noting with asterisks,
    • Arrange these three sites in order, the first, second and third place where the first site will receive the maximum number of votes, the last minimum,
    • To complete the vote, you will need to evaluate five more sites, these five Sites will be offered to you automatically, they are selected from among Sites that are estimated the minimum number of times.
  4. If your favorite site is not in the list of contestants - we recommend that you contact the owner of the resource and invite him to participate in the contest.

Golden site



Cost: per participant is 1180-4720 or more rubles, depending on the declared category.
For example. Technologies and business innovations; Brand - a trademark of a Russian, foreign company; Promo (goods and services site) is more expensive.
Social project; Family and Children; History; Culture and art; Science and education - cheaper.
Design; Online store; Corporate site - average prices.


  • Technologies and business innovations.
  • Design.
  • Mass media.
  • Online store.
  • Brand is a trademark of a Russian, foreign company.
  • Corporate site.
  • Promo (site products and services).
  • Event (event site of the year: competitions, anniversaries, holidays, conferences, competitions, exhibitions).
  • Thematic site.
  • Online communication (communities, fan clubs, forums, chat rooms, and blogs).
  • National treasure and spiritual rebirth Russia.
  • VIP (sites of political and public figures, famous artists, photographers, popular musicians).
  • Information portal (region, region, region, city).
  • Corporate blog.
  • Social project.

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