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reliable site
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Uses: VK.

address: Russia

Social Button VK

You can choose the appearance of the Facebook button depending on the design of your site.
The button can have straight or rounded corners, with or without the counter with the number of posts.
You can make the button as a simple text link or as a small icon in VKontakte.

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logo VK for developers

reliable site
English - Russian


Uses: VK.

address: Russia

VK for developers

Comments for the site from VK.
In fact, everything is simple, we go, configure, take.

For each page there will be a separate comment, which is convenient if you want the comment to link to each article.
If You have few comments, then you will be more comfortable with the Facebook widget.

Minus - a person can leave a person registered in VK.

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logo VK Website constructor

reliable site


Uses: VK.

address: Russia, Moscow

VK Website constructor

Simple, free website builder for business.

Any kettle can easily create a complete rendering.

All it takes is its own community, which will be the basis of the future site.
Setting up does not require any special knowledge and takes a few minutes, and to browse the page and contact the seller can even those who are not authorized in VK.

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