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If the mountain does not go to Mohammed

We should not expect people to come to us. We should be where people are.
It is not necessary to make a website or participate in the promotion of Christian projects, it's good to be an active part of the Internet.
For example, put your poems to the site of poets, music on a music site, testimonial on a blog, Christian news in Safe 2.0 ...

You do not write poetry, songs ... then you can register your friends (with their consent), brothers and sisters and inform them of their logins and passwords. As a rule, creative people have no time to learn something else. Everyone should do their part. There are creative people and producers who push them. logo Poems


One of the largest sites in Russian dedicated to poetry. Here the authors can lay out their verses, receive ratings and reviews.


Nonprofit, socially oriented project.
The goal is to give all authors the opportunity to publish their works on Internet and find readers.
All copyrights to works are assigned to authors on the basis of a user agreement.

Creator And Dmitry Kravchuk (Ann,

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