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Consumer rights Protection

Federal services

  1. - Rospotrebnadzor - Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare.


state site
- Russian

Owner: Правительство РФ,

Uses: Yandex.Maps.

phone.:8 800 707-88-41 (Russian Customers toll-free), + 7 495 870-67-00, + 7 495 224-22-22
address: 7 495 870-67-00

On the site, in addition to the legislative base, you can find out the latest news, changes in legislation regarding labor protection, pension reform ...

There is a section “Open ministry”, and the most interesting thing for me personally is that you can apply online here.


logo Department of Labor and Social Protection of the population of Moscow

Department of Labor and Social Protection of the population of Moscow

The purpose of the site is to inform the population of Moscow about the rights, projects ...

Through the site you can make a request for your situation.

In Russian
logo Consumer rights Protection

reliable site

phone.: +7 499 490-05-98, + 7 812 648-14-72

Consumer rights Protection

The purpose of the site is to help people in a difficult situation.

For example, in order to buy a product, connect a service ... everything is done easily and conveniently, in one click.
But if something went wrong, everything becomes incomprehensible, it is not convenient, and there is a need for information support in order to know what to do, and at one time also with specific help.

Here, perhaps the main thing is to help you in your situation, and for this there are different ways of communication:

  1. Free consultation of a lawyer, here the phone numbers are only Moscow and St. Petersburg, but through the site you can order a free call of a lawyer to you,
  2. write through the contact form or ask confidential,
  3. ask a question in public that everyone will see
  4. See what questions others asked and what answers they received.

logo Society for the Protection of consumer rights

Society for the Protection of consumer rights

Forum, expertise, legal education, legislation, regulations, links ...

logo Consumer Guide

Consumer Guide

Consumer protection with explanations.

The project helps consumers competently assert their rights when purchasing a product or service.

The articles were prepared by lawyers with practice in this field who will respond in the comments.

Free legal advice in the chat.

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