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Learn Arabic


  1. - Po-ArabskiRU - YouTube channel for step by step study of the Arabic alphabet, which explains in detail the features of reading, writing and pronunciation of letters.
logo Arabic with Mondly


Arabic with Mondly

Learn Arabic with free daily lessons.

Work on language exercises to develop reading, listening, writing and speaking skills that improve vocabulary, conjugation of verbs and equipped with advanced voice recognition technology. You will have the impression that your personal Arabic teacher is in your pocket.
Download the language app and start enjoying the benefits of learning a new language.

Language course takes place

With the application, you start exploring the basic dialogues between two people.
You start to memorize basic words very quickly, use them to construct sentences and phrases.
At the end of the 45-minute module, you can play the dialogs in your own voice.
This is an effective method of learning Arabic.
The newest speech recognition system and repetition algorithm guarantee effective language learning with this application.

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logo Arabic. Introductory course



Arabic. Introductory course

“Open Education” is an educational platform offering mass online courses from leading Russian universities, which have combined their efforts to provide everyone with an opportunity to get a high-quality higher education.

Any user can absolutely free and at any time take courses from the leading universities of Russia, and students of Russian universities will be able to count the results of training at their university.

The course is designed for students who begin to learn Arabic, as well as those who have a basic knowledge of its phonetics and graphics.
During the training, students learn the basics of the phonetics of graphics, key rules of morphology and syntax of the Arabic language, the most common vocabulary, develop reading and writing skills, verbal communication, and translation of modern texts.

The grammar section includes an overview of the main morphological categories of the name and the correct verb, the main types of syntactic constructions.

The development of communication skills is provided through listening and learning thematic dialogues.
Visualization and elements of interactivity that accompany the process of learning vocabulary, allow you to quickly learn vocabulary, effectively use it in practice.

According to the results of the course, students are supposed to master at least 400 lexical units.
The course consists of 10 modules, each of which includes grammatical material, dialogue and exercises for independent work.

In Russian
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