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Learn French

  1. - Polyglot. Learn French in 16 hours - Video tutorials from the polyglot Dmitry Petrov.
  2. - Larousse - Explanatory dictionary of French.
  3. - YouTube Channel Real French - Linguist, who worked for several years in the division of Radio Russia, which broadcasts in France.
logo Learning French


Learning French

Free French course for beginners.
You can listen to more than 350 basic phrases in French and correct pronunciation.

logo Le-Francais



This site will help you learn how to speak French for free.

Do not just learn to speak French, but do it with the least effort and enjoy it.
What is important is not only (and not so much) the result, but also the process.

logo Babbel - Learn French

Babbel - Learn French

Babbel makes learning French fun and effective.

Linguists have developed intuitive courses that will help you learn practical communication skills from the very first lesson.

The lessons immerse you in a foreign culture, accompanying your language journey with the help of English hints, simple explanations and creative grammatical hints that reinforce fresh concepts.

The revolutionary 10-15 minute lessons and dynamic review sessions constantly adapt to your strengths and weaknesses, recreate old concepts and send your new language right into long-term memory.

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