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Christian sites for kids

logo God loves you

God loves you

Children's Christian Torrent Tracker.
Christian films, music, video and audio sermons, software, programs, books, games, drawings.

logo Children soon

Children soon

Christian portal 'Children soon' is a social network for adults and children. You can find a lot of interesting and informative material on different topics:

  • instructive and exciting stories for children
  • children's Creativity - than to take a child at home?
  • upbringing - how to bring up a spiritual, comprehensively developed personality?
  • developing, cognitive games
  • child's health and care for him.
Interesting contests with valuable prizes are held on the portal!
And also, you have the opportunity to blog and tell the world about your baby, find answers to exciting questions, communicate with other parents, join groups, etc. E.

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