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WebMoney Certificates


In order to get the right to receive money for your wallet, you need to get a Personal Passport.

Personal certificate

- the main WebMoney passport.

The owner has the following options:

  • Automate receipt of funds from customers using Merchant WebMoney Transfer service interfaces;
  • Participate in the work of the credit exchange;
  • Participate in the Capitaller service (create budget machines);
  • Register Internet resources in the Megastock catalog in all sections without restrictions;
  • Get the status of a system consultant;
  • Participate in the partner program of the Certification Center for issuing initial certificates;
  • Post news on various sites of the system ( and others);
  • Restore control over WM-identifier using a simplified scheme;
  • Receive a debit card Cirrus/Maestro and use it to withdraw funds from the system;
  • Create trading platforms using the DigiSeller service;
  • Serve without restriction in arbitration system claims against other participants in the system;
To obtain a certificate you need:
  • Register in the WebMoney system;
  • Download application form;
  • Notarize the application (your signature is certified);
  • Make photocopies of significant pages of the passport (a photocopy of the passport is not certified);
  • Then the application and photocopies are transmitted to the attester: in person or by registered mail;
  • Payment ($5-$10) to the registrar is made through the site of the certification center in Wallpapers cases (even in person).

Merchant passport

It is issued automatically upon acceptance of the "Agreement with the owner of the seller's passport" to the site of the service Merchant WebMoney Transfer.


  1. Forgotten Personal activation code. Nobody knows him except you and then you will lose everything. I did not write down, but fortunately I calculated, the same thing was recently with one sister. It is required extremely rarely (after reinstalling Windows, or when installing on a new computer, it can when still). That is, you should have:
    1. Password
    2. your email will periodically receive a one-time activation code
    3. personal activation code.
  2. All operations are performed exclusively through Internet Explorer, which must be properly configured (details).
  3. Sometimes it is necessary to disable your Internet filter if it interferes with WebMoney indexing you.