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  1. - World encyclopedias - Database of encyclopedias.
  2. - Visuwords - A visual dictionary, visual thesaurus, and interactive lexicon.
  3. - - Dictionary of Russian language synonyms - online selection.
  4. - Urban Dictionary - An online dictionary of slang words and phrases.
  5. - Larousse - Explanatory dictionary of French.

Church dictionaries

  1. - Russian dictionaries to download - Dictionary download.
  2. - Akaka - Concise Dictionary Church.

Dictionary of Psychology

  1. - PSI - Psychological dictionary based psychological handbook 'Psychology - the idea, the scientists, the works' and 'Life 2000'.

Encyclopedic, terminological dictionaries and publications

  1. - Art-azbuka - Dictionary of Contemporary Art 'Art-alphabet'
  2. - OWL - Dictionary of gender terms.
  3. - bioword - Biological Encyclopedic Dictionary.
  4. - LIB - Terms and Internet jargon.
  5. - rubricon - Dictionaries on 'Rubrikono' - the river of information.
  6. - Glossostav - Dictionary of marketing terms.
  7. - ROL - Basic concepts and definitions of applied Internet.
  8. - ETS - Explanatory ufological dictionary with equivalents in English and German.
  9. - ETS - Anatomical dictionary.
  10. - Krugosvet - Universal encyclopedia: history, medicine, technology, etc. (articles, maps, illustrations). Search by subject and alphabet. Versions for printing. Product details on CD.
  11. - Culture of Written Speech - Dictionary of literary terms.

Glossary of abbreviations

  1. - ETS - New dictionary of abbreviations.
  2. - Abbreviations - Lebedev Studio.

Onomastics and toponymy

  1. - Behind the name - Etymology and History of names.
  2. - KID - Names. Name and nature.
  3. - institutyamal - Dictionary of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug.
  4. - TOPSL - Geographical names of the Orenburg area: Short toponymic dictionary.

Russian Language Dictionaries

  1. - Slovari - A popular dictionary of foreign words.
  2. - slovardalja - Explanatory Dictionary of Russian Language VI Dahl.
  3. - Pofene - Dictionary of Contemporary Slang Turkova Xenia 'Xenia on the hair dryer'
  4. - Starling - Russian dictionaries and morphology: base dictionaries C. Data Ozhegova, Zalizniak A., J. Muller, M. Vasmer.
  5. - Teenslang - Dictionary of youth slang.
  6. - ETS - New Vocabulary: New words and word usage.
  7. - ushdict - Explanatory Dictionary of Russian ed. Ushakov.
  8. - Nursultanat - Explanatory Dictionary of the Russian language in Kazakhstan.
  9. - Gramota - Russian Language Dictionaries.



Reference books, encyclopedias and dictionaries of the Russian language and in Russian devoted to different topics and directions: interpretations, meanings and synonyms of words

More than 2.5 million vocabulary and encyclopedic articles

General dictionaries and narrow subject dictionaries:

explanatory dictionaries of the Russian language, spelling dictionaries of the Russian language, synonyms of the Russian language, colloquial vocabulary, Russian language, encyclopedic dictionaries, addresses, postal codes, cities and countries, astronomy, biology, names and surnames, art, history, yoga, cooking, literature, medicine, music, proverbs, sayings and aphorisms, psychology and sociology, religion, slang and jargon, dream books, construction and architecture, physics, mathematics, philosophy, economics and finance, encyclopedias, dictionaries and reference books, ethnography, law and n and many other topics

As well as the Russian language dictionaries by Ozhegov, Ephraim, Dahl, Collier, Lopatin, Abramov, Ushakov, encyclopedic dictionaries, encyclopedias and reference books

Thanks to the convenient search structure, you can easily find the meaning and interpretation of the desired word and term. And also learn alternative interpretations, meanings and synonyms of a word.


Dictionary, set the search and get the dictionary entry. Rather, the article. The more specific the request, the more specific the issue. In my opinion, not overloaded, everything is basic.

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A collection of dictionaries and encyclopedias


Dal, Ushakov, BES, Müller, biographies, modern encyclopedia, large encyclopaedic dictionary, encyclopedic dictionary of Brockhaus and Efron, a dictionary of depository terms and ...

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44 online dictionaries, conjugation tables and multilingual phrases, will help you translate, learn and practice new languages easily.

logo Online Etymology Dictionary

Online Etymology Dictionary

Etymological dictionary online.
The main sources are Wickley's Etymological Dictionary of Modern English, Klein's Comprehensive Etymological Dictionary of English, Oxford English Dictionary (second edition), Barnhart's Dictionary of Etymology Holthausen ... There are dozens of dictionaries.

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