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Professional CMS. Paid. The main feature is the integration with 1C-accounting. For corporate sites, online stores, information portals, social networks and ...

Professional CMS. Paid.
The main feature is integration with 1C-accountancy.
Online payment systems are easy to set up.

Suitable for corporate sites, large online stores.


Buy once, no additional payments will be required, unless you are persuaded to subscribe, updates.

But the CMS itself is very professional and does not need additional updates.


You can add various functions through the Marketplace Catalogue (in your control panel), there are free and paid.

I especially want to mention the shell ASPRO, which we decided to try, moreover, it is not cheap.

We were assured that it would be of great use, but we never saw what it was.
We were shown what she looks like. But in fact, she looked pretty much the same as a simple Beatrix.
Because we'll replace all their pictures with our own. And the menu, the website style, the same.
Some kid was doing the installation, it's set up in a few clicks, we had to wait a few days.

The old base is being demolished, everything has to be re-injected, there are no options. They can help with that, for 15,000 rubles.

When we decided to give it up, we were denied a refund, they said when we bought it, they sent us the key and it's irreversible.

Just lost time and money.


It's very long.
There are accounts in social networks, a phone, but there will not help you, almost all their contacts are busy with only one thing - sales.

Control Panel

Pretty modern, professional.
In my opinion, overloaded, it will take time to get used to it.
There are comfortable things, there are weird things.
Yale University -
Princeton University -
University of Pennsylvania -
University of Washington -
Christian hits.

Christian charts.
The best Christian music.

Actually this is not a music site, but a catalog with Christian music sites. There is simply no strong leader in this field.

Ochen Interesno
The magazine which describes the facts of various topics, workshop, tips on how to improve life.

The magazine which describes the facts of various topics, workshop, tips on how to improve life.

A huge number of interesting facts, top rating, life hacking ...

Ramble/top 100
Thematic directory sites Runet.

Old famous site rating. Choose topics and see what is most popular according to their version.

Cambridge University -
Stanford University -
The site presents a rating - a list of the best video bloggers.

The site presents a rating - a list of the best video bloggers.
This is not a general rating of the YouTube channel, viz.

. You can choose the subject, there is a search form and ... the opportunity to participate in the ranking.

University of Chicago -
YouTube Channel Ratings.

Rating of YouTube channels. Up to 500 channels in a common list and by subject.
Reining itself is laid out in the form of a convenient and simple table: the number of subscribers, views, video material and estimated income.

By the way, the income depends on the subject matter too. For example, the social subject will bring in times less income than automobile. But here there will be a competition less and qualitatively weaker.

University of California, Los Angeles -
Columbia University -
Top Telegram chats
Rating of chats.
University of California, San Diego -
University California - San Francisco -
Massachusetts Institute of Technology -
Johns Hopkins University -
University of California, Berkeley -
California Institute of Technology -
Harvard University -
University of Wisconsin, Madison -
Cornell University -
Top 50
Used data-Yandex Blog Search.

Yandex-search data on blogs is used.
Yandex has nothing to do with ranking the ratings themselves.
You can see a saved copy of the blog.


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The best YouTube.

Daily selection of the best videos from YouTube.

Filtration. You can watch the best videos about cars, sports, cartoons, video jokes, funny animals, video tutorials ...

Rating TOP 10
Here are the most interesting ratings and tops.

Here are the most interesting ratings and tops.

Ratings mainly relate to cinema, the gaming industry, football, music, cars and, of course, cats.

TopTenReviews -
Expert Reviews.

The name speaks for itself - reviews the top ten.
That is, the site reviews the leading online services, programs and applications, as well as a number of offline publications ...

Say, we want to choose a hosting or a program, but We do not need the best rating, but the one that has those functions that we need and we do not want to pay for the extra, for what we do not use.

Here you can visually compare and pick.
The most authoritative portal in runet about hip-hop.

The most authoritative portal in runet about hip-hop.

Here pass

  1. premieres of rappers' albums and clips,
  2. live news,
  3. album reviews,
  4. interviews with artists.
Top Verses Bible -
Find out the most popular places in the Bible.

Find out the most popular places in the Bible.
The site contains all the Bible verses according to the rankings, depending on how much they are quoted on Internet.
You can see the whole Bible, or only the Psalter, or the chapter, and in it all the poems will be arranged in a rank.
Bible books are arranged in the form of a tag cloud where the most cited books are larger.
You can choose one of three popular English translations of the Bible: KJV, NIV and AMP. You can choose not only books and chapters, but on topics, for example, Life, strength, love, faith, children, healing, prayer, comfort, protection ...

Oxford University -
Top blogs.

30 most popular entries of the main bloghostings runet.
The site is executed decently. Everything is simple, accurate and intuitive.


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TOP of popular installation accounts in Russia
Top 10 Web Hosting Companies -
Best Web Hosting Services.

Best Web Hosting Services.
One of the leading ratings on this resource offers a rating of web hosting providers, which will help you choose what suits you.

You should keep in mind that this is an international rating and the site is likely to be in Europe or the United States.
This kind of hosting will be suitable for a site oriented at a western user.

It will not be suitable for the Russian market, because the speed of the site will be inferior to sites located on Russian servers. - offers hundreds of Top10 shortlists to help you make informed decisions and easily compare your purchasing options online.
More offers hundreds of Top10 shortlists to help you make informed decisions and easily compare your purchasing options online.
Trusted by millions, our shortlists are enriched with editorial reviews and deep-dive, informational articles - all with the goal of turning your online purchasing decision into a breeze.

  • Top 10 Best Meal Delivery Plans
  • Top 10 Best Online Doctors
  • Top 10 Best Medical Alert Systems
  • Top 10 Best Online Banks
  • Top 10 Best Personal Loan Providers
  • Top 10 Best VPN Services
  • Top 10 Best Online Therapy Services
  • Top 10 Best Dating Sites to Find Love
  • Top 10 Best Weight Loss Plans
  • Top 10 Best Ecommerce Site Builders
  • and much more.


Visual search for Esperanto websites - -
Vikipedio -
Wikipedia in Esperanto (more about Wikipedia) -
Esperanto Group on the map -


The Best Designs -
The best of web design.

The group of the best web designers and their teams, created to create the best design.
Millions of people from all over the world visit this site to see the latest design trends, hire designers or be inspired by the design.

If you are looking for a talented web designer for your project, you can browse the web designers.
These independent web designers and agencies presented at least one design here.

Or, if you want to create your own website, you can browse this directory and get inspired.

The Starter Kit -
Source for programmers and designers.


RIA News
The Russian News and Information Agency.


Baidu -
Leading search engine and portal of China.


Mozilla Foundation -
All Mozilla programs and the possibility of their integration.

All Mozilla programs and the ability to integrate them.
Here you can choose what suits you (32 and 64 bits, or you can find very old versions that do almost the same job, but much easier and faster).

Microsoft Corporation -
The official website for Microsoft and their products.

The official site of Microsoft and their products.
Microsoft is not only the creator of the world's leading Windows operating system and MS Office.
Microsoft is an active member of the Internet.

For a long time now, email has been online, as has Office.
Microsoft buys startups and members of the network, for example - Skype, LinkedIn ...
For a long time Microsoft created and runs the news site MSN.
Their search engine Bing competes with Google.

Microsoft is quite active on the Internet, and its services are quite interesting, worth paying attention to.

The popular torrent tracker you'll ever need.
Adobe -
Popular programs: Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash Player, Photoshop ... For a computer browser, smart phone or online.
reddit -
Social news site, users collect news from other sites that are considered important.

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