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InterBiblia Reader

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reliable site. Owner: Bible Quote

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Version of the program 'a quote from the Bible', which will not work with text files, and databases that will speed up its work and add functionality.

a Program for Bible reading schedule Robert Murray m'cheyne or in a free manner - move either by day or by chapters of the biblical books. For each book remains separate tab.

for the iPhone yet paid - 160 RUB. Slightly and allow to maintain a stable development of the program.


program Version jBible for iPhone and iPod Touch.
Rostov Christian Church.


  • display the text of the Bible the
  • quick and easy transition to the selected book, Chapter, verse,
  • working with bookmarks (to bookmark, go to bookmark, remove bookmark),
  • ,
  • story. the
  • it Remembers the place where finished reading, and left the program. the
  • Includes 6 Bible reading plans for the year. the
  • Internet Connection is not required for operation.
jBible (the Bible), Rostov Christian ChurchjBible (the Bible), Rostov Christian Church

Modules 'quotes from the Bible' on iOS


If You are using an iOS device - iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, we recommend to install the program PocketSword. This program is a shell, like 'Quote', but uses modules other format. We have reformatted part of the modules from the 'Bible Quote' for PocketSword, and continue to add to the list.

After you install PocketSword on your device, turn Wi-Fi on, and run the program. For modules, you must:

  1. Run PocketSword
  2. Open the menu 'Settings'
  3. Toggle the 'maintenance Mode module' to 'Enabled'
  4. go to 'Download'
  5. In the upper right corner click on the icon of folders
  6. In the menu that appears, choose 'Add FTP source'
  7. In the opened window, enter
    • Name: MoscowSeminary
    • Server: the
    • Path: /bqt
  8. Click 'Finish'
After that, the source MoscowSeminary will appear in the source list and from there you can install the modules.
currently, Russian-language modules is not much, but we after some time we will convert to this format with all available modules.


Category: Christian software/Mobile Bible

Tags: Christian Bible Bible Quote

Bible Quote (PDA)

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reliable site. Owner: Bible Quote


A quote from the Bible, a version for Pocket PC.
the Most popular electronic Bible PDA.

Category: Christian software/Bible

Tags: Bible Christian Bible Quote

Bible Quote 6.5

| Windows12 Mb | home page | download from us |

reliable site. Owner: Bible Quote


The most popular Bible in many translations, intuitive interface. You can change the number of pages, inserts, Parallels, to compare 2 text, listen to audio Bible in parallel text. And among other things - to create and add modules. the


Older versions Quotes

Analog of the paid The SWORD

Category: Christian software/Bible

Tags: Bible Christian Bible Quote

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