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The Beatles, album "With the Beatles"

Lyrics of the album - Listen the album

Studio albums - Studio Parlophone - 1963
stereo: 22.11.1963; CD: 26.02.1987

With the Beatles

  1. 02:13 It Won't Be Long (John Lennon and Paul McCartney) - Remastered 2009 - 30.07.1963

    JOHN 1980: ''It Wont Be Long' is mine.
    It was my attempt at writing another single.
    It never quite made it.
    That was the one where the guy in the 'London Times' wrote about the 'Aeolian cadences of the chords' which started the whole intellectual bit about the Beatles.'

    PAUL circa-1994: 'We'd spot the double meaning… In 'It won't BE LONG till I BELONG to you' it was that same trip.'

  2. 02:02 All I've Got to Do (John Lennon – John Lennon and Paul McCartney) - Remastered 2009 - 11.09.1963

    JOHN 1980: 'That's me trying to do Smokey Robinson again.'
  3. 02:07 All My Loving (Paul McCartney – John Lennon and Paul McCartney) - Remastered 2009 - 30.07.1963

    JOHN 1972: 'This was one of his first biggies.'

    JOHN 1980: ''All My Loving' is Paul, I regret to say.
    Because it's a damn fine piece of work.
    But I play a pretty mean guitar in back.'

    PAUL 1984: 'Yeah, I wrote that one.
    It was the first song I ever wrote where I had the words before the music.
    I wrote the words on a bus on tour, then we got the tune when I arrived there.
    The first time I've ever worked upside down.'

    PAUL 1988: 'I think that was the first song where I wrote the words without the tune.
    I wrote the words on the tour bus during our tour with Roy Orbison.
    We did alot of writing then.'

    PAUL circa-1994: 'It was a good show song.
    It worked well live.'

  4. 02:28 Don't Bother Me (George Harrison) - Remastered 2009 - 12.09.1963

    GEORGE 1980: 'The first song that I wrote… as an exercise to see if I could write a song.
    I wrote it in a hotel in Bounemouth, England, where we were playing a summer season in 1963.
    I was sick in bed… maybe that's why it turned out to be 'Don't Bother Me.' I don't think it's a particularly good song… It mightn't even be a song at all, but at least it showed me that all I needed to do was keep on writing, and then maybe eventually I would write something good.'

    PAUL 1988: 'I think John and I were really concentrating on – 'We'll do the 'real' records,' but because the other guys had alot of fans we wrote for them too.
    George eventually came out with his own, 'Don't Bother Me,' but until then he hadn't written one.'

  5. 01:46 Little Child (John Lennon and Paul McCartney) - Remastered 2009 - 03.10.1963

    JOHN 1972: 'Both of us wrote it.
    This was a knock-off between Paul and me.'

    JOHN 1980: ''Little Child' was another effort of Paul and I to write a song for somebody else.
    It was probably Ringo.'

    PAUL circa-1994: 'Certain songs were inspirational and you just followed that.
    'Little Child' was a work job.'

  6. 02:13 Till There Was You (Meredith Willson) - Remastered 2009 - 30.07.1963

  7. 02:34 Please Mister Postman (Georgia Dobbins, William Garrett, Freddie Gorman, Brian Holland and Robert Bateman) - Remastered 2009 - 30.07.1963

    PAUL 1984: 'Influenced by the Marvelettes, who did the original version.
    We got it from our fans, who would write 'Please Mr. Postman' on the back of the envelopes.
    'Posty, posty, don't be slow, be like the Beatles and go, man, go!' That sort of stuff.'
  8. 02:45 Roll Over Beethoven (Chuck Berry) - Remastered 2009 - 30.07.1963

  9. 02:31 Hold Me Tight (Paul McCartney – John Lennon and Paul McCartney) - Remastered 2009 - 12.09.1963

    JOHN 1980: 'That was Paul's.
    Maybe I stuck some bits in there… I really don't remember.
    It was a pretty poor song and I was never really interested in it either way.'

    PAUL 1988: 'I can't remember much about that one.
    Certain songs were just 'work' songs… you haven't got much of a memory of them.
    That's one of them.
    You just knew you had a song that would work, a good melody.
    'Hold Me Tight' never really had that much of an effect on me.
    It was a bit Shirelles.'

    PAUL circa-1994: ''Hold Me Tight' was a failed attempt at a single which then became acceptable album filler.'

  10. 03:01 You Really Got a Hold On Me (Smokey Robinson) - Remastered 2009 - 18.07.1963

  11. 01:59 I Wanna Be Your Man (John Lennon and Paul McCartney) - Remastered 2009 - 23.10.1963

    JOHN 1972: 'Both of us wrote it, but mainly Paul.
    I helped him finish it.'

    JOHN 1980: ''I Wanna Be Your Man' was a kind of lick Paul had – 'I wanna be your lover, baby.
    I wanna be your man.' I think we finished it off for the Stones.
    We were taken down to meet them at the club where they were playing in Richmond by Brian and some other guy.
    They wanted a song and we went to see what kind of stuff they did.
    Mick and Keith heard we had an unfinished song – Paul just had this bit and we needed another verse or something.
    We sort of played it roughly to them and they said, 'Yeah, OK, that's our style.' But it was only really a lick, so Paul and I went off in the corner of the room and finished the song off while they were all still sitting there talking.
    We came back, and that's how Mick and Keith got inspired to write… because, 'Jesus, look at that.
    They just went in the corner and wrote it and came back!' You know, right in front of their eyes we did it.
    So we gave it to them.
    It was a throw-away.
    The only two versions of the song were Ringo and the Rolling Stones.
    It shows how much importance we put on them.
    We weren't going to give them anything great, right? I believe it was the Stones' first record.'

    PAUL 1984: 'I wrote it for Ringo to do on one of the early albums.
    But we ended up giving it to the Stones.
    We met Mick and Keith in a taxi one day in Charing Cross Road and Mick said, 'Have you got any songs?' So we said, 'Well, we just happen to have one with us!' I think George had been instrumental in getting them their first record contract.
    We suggested them to Decca, 'cuz Decca had blown it by refusing us, so they had tried to save face by asking George, 'Know any other groups?' He said, 'Well, there is this group called the Stones.' So that's how they got their first contract.
    Anyway, John and I gave them maybe not their first record, but I think the first they got on the charts with.
    They don't tell anybody about it these days; they prefer to be more ethnic.
    But you and I know the real truth.'

  12. 02:26 Devil In Her Heart (Richard Drapkin) - Remastered 2009 - 18.07.1963

  13. 02:06 Not a Second Time (John Lennon – John Lennon and Paul McCartney) - Remastered 2009 - 11.09.1963

    JOHN 1980: 'That's me trying to do something.
    I don't remember.' (laughs)

    PAUL 1984: 'Influenced by Smokey Robinson and the Miracles.'

  14. 02:49 Money (That's What I Want) (Berry Gordy and Janie Bradford) - Remastered 2009 - 30.09.1963

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