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The Beatles, album "Beatles for Sale"

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SP - collections - Studio Parlophone - 1965
mono: 06.04.1965

Beatles for Sale

  1. 02:16 No Reply (John Lennon and Paul McCartney) - 30.09.1964

    JOHN 1972: 'I remember (Beatles music publisher) Dick James coming up to me after we did this one and saying, 'You're getting better now – that was a complete story.' Apparently, before that, he thought my songs wandered off.'

    JOHN 1980: 'That's my song.
    That's the one where Dick James the publisher said, 'That's the first complete song you've written that resloves itself,' you know, with a complete story.
    It was sort of my version of 'Silhouettes.' (sings) 'Silhouettes, silhouettes, silhouettes…' I had that image of walking down the street and seeing her silhouetted in the window and not answering the phone, although I never called a girl on the phone in my life.
    Because phones weren't part of the English child's life.'

    PAUL circa-1994: 'We wrote 'No Reply' together but from a strong original idea of his.
    I think he pretty much had that one, but as usual, if he didn't have a third verse and the middle-eight, then he'd play it to me pretty much formed.
    Then we'd shove a bit in the middle or I'd throw in an idea.'

  2. 02:30 I'm a Loser (John Lennon – John Lennon and Paul McCartney) - 14.08.1964

    JOHN 1980: 'That's me in my Dylan period.
    Part of me suspects I'm a loser, and part of me thinks I'm God almighty.' (laughs)

    PAUL circa-1994: 'We used to listen to alot of country and western songs and they were all about sadness and 'I lost my truck' so it was quite acceptable to sing 'I'm a loser.' You really didn't think about it at the time, it's only later you'd think, God! That was pretty brave of John.
    'I'm a Loser' was very much John's song and there may have been a dabble or two from me.'

  3. 02:31 Rock and Roll Music (Chuck Berry) - 18.10.1964

  4. 02:43 Eight Days a Week (John Lennon and Paul McCartney) - 18.10.1964

    JOHN 1972: 'Both of us wrote it.
    I think we wrote this when we were trying to write the title song for 'Help!' because there was at one time the thought of calling the film, 'Eight Arms To Hold You.''

    JOHN 1980: 'Eight Days A Week' was never a good song.
    We struggled to record it and struggled to make it into a song.
    It was his (Paul's) initial effort, but I think we both worked on it.
    I'm not sure.
    But it was lousy anyway.'

    PAUL 1984: 'Yeah, he (Ringo) said it as though he were an overworked chauffeur: (in heavy accent) 'Eight days a week.' (Laughter) When we heard it, we said, 'Really? Bing! Got it!'' (Laughs)

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