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| Windowshome page | download |

Text Editor hackers 21st century, which allows you to hack the kernel and edit.

Category: Webmaster/Text editor

Tags: Notepads Editors


| Windows/Linux/Mac OS28 Mb | home page | download | download from us |


The audio editor and recorder for Windows, Mac OS X, GNU / Linux, and other operating systems, live sound recording, film processing and recording of digital audio, edit Ogg Vorbis, MP3, and WAV audio files, various audio processing (copy, joint, speed change, the connection of audio tracks), import and export WAV, AIFF, AU, and Ogg Vorbis files ... for transfer to MP3 need lame_enc.dll (350 Kb), which can be downloaded here.

Analog of the paid SoundForge
Category: Media/Audio editor

Tags: Audio Editors


home page |



Vector graphics editor online.
Simple, intuitive and functional. Work pleased with him, is a pleasure.


BMI Calculator

| Windows650 Kb | home page | download |


Your mass indicator (BMI) can be a general indicator of the general health. This calculator is written in Cocoa and supports Mac OS X.

Category: Inforamtion/Women software

Tags: Diet Health


home page |


Bumble shows the interesting people we vote and if sympathy is mutual, we begin to communicate. There are no awkward moment when we do not know who should speak first.
She always takes the first step, but if it does not respond to a new sympathy for 24 hours, this sympathy will burn forever!

Category: Inforamtion/Women software

Tags: Family Dating


| Windows/Linux33.38 Mb | download |


OCR software, the main rival FineReader. Recognition of texts in Russian, English, Russian, English, Ukrainian, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish (over 20);

Analog of the paid ABBYY FineReader
Category: Work with text/Text recognising

Tags: Scanning Coding

DeepBurner Free

| Windows2.6 Mb | home page | download |


Best of the free Today, CD and DVD recording, the creation of the Audio CD, can be upgraded free DeepRipper tool to extract music tracks from an audio CD, followed by compression to MP3 or OGG, stable operation, about possible problems with long names the program will warn in advance, editor creating autorun menus, album covers Sketcher. For the appearance of Russian interface, you need to download crack, rename it to DeepBurner.lng and place it in the program folder.

Analog of the paid Nero
Category: Discs and Files/Record CD

Tags: CD DVD Record


home page |



.. Tuning Instant Messaging
Connecting multiple instant messengers in one place
mobile version of the Cyrillic

Supports:.. Facebook, Myspace, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo!

Category: Contacts/Messenger

Tags: Messengers Chats

EXE to SWF converter/unprotector

| Windows20 Kb | download |


Decompiling or extracting executable Flash-rollers (EXE) in conventional (SWF). No installation required.

Category: Graphics/Work with Flash

Tags: Graphics Compilers


| Windows0.5 Mb | home page | download |


Program for learners of English and German: tips Longman, tests, dictionaries, parallel texts, the breather mode, settings, search, printing, statistics and much more.

Category: Inforamtion/Textbooks

Tags: Teaching


| Windows87 Mb | home page | download |


The popular lightweight graphics editor that competes with Photoshop, requires GTK RunTime. Version made specially for those who are used to Photoshop.


Gmail Notifier

| Windows292 Kb | download | download from us |


Program from Google to automatically check the mailbox on Gmail. Sits in the system tray and checks email every two minutes. Shows the first lines of unread messages.

Category: Contacts/Mail

Tags: Email Notification

ICE Book Reader Pro

| Windows3 Mb | home page | download from us |


Ebook reader understands TXT, RTF, HTML, MS Word, PALM books (.PDB and .PRC), reads from archives (zip, rar, arj, lzh, ha), ultra smooth scrolling with the exact control of scroll speed, automatically adjusted scroll speed, full text antialising, automatic recognition of Russian codepages, automatic text reflow, the system of artificial intellect recognizing a format of text, automatic text coloring. Does not require installation.

Category: Work with text/Ebooks

Tags: Editors Compilers


| Windows3.5 Mb | home page | download from us |


Very good icon editor.

Analog of the paid Microangelo
Category: Graphics/Icons

Tags: Graphics Editors Graphics editor


| Windows600 Kb | download from us |


Installed Font Previewer (A. c) - enter the word or phrase, select the size, bold, italics ... and see how it looks in different fonts.

Category: Work with text/Fonts

Tags: Coding Fonts Viewer

InterBiblia Reader

home page |



Version of the program 'a quote from the Bible', which will not work with text files, and databases that will speed up its work and add functionality.

a Program for Bible reading schedule Robert Murray m'cheyne or in a free manner - move either by day or by chapters of the biblical books. For each book remains separate tab.

for the iPhone yet paid - 160 RUB. Slightly and allow to maintain a stable development of the program.


program Version jBible for iPhone and iPod Touch.
Rostov Christian Church.


  • display the text of the Bible the
  • quick and easy transition to the selected book, Chapter, verse,
  • working with bookmarks (to bookmark, go to bookmark, remove bookmark),
  • ,
  • story. the
  • it Remembers the place where finished reading, and left the program. the
  • Includes 6 Bible reading plans for the year. the
  • Internet Connection is not required for operation.
jBible (the Bible), Rostov Christian ChurchjBible (the Bible), Rostov Christian Church

Modules 'quotes from the Bible' on iOS


If You are using an iOS device - iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, we recommend to install the program PocketSword. This program is a shell, like 'Quote', but uses modules other format. We have reformatted part of the modules from the 'Bible Quote' for PocketSword, and continue to add to the list.

After you install PocketSword on your device, turn Wi-Fi on, and run the program. For modules, you must:

  1. Run PocketSword
  2. Open the menu 'Settings'
  3. Toggle the 'maintenance Mode module' to 'Enabled'
  4. go to 'Download'
  5. In the upper right corner click on the icon of folders
  6. In the menu that appears, choose 'Add FTP source'
  7. In the opened window, enter
    • Name: MoscowSeminary
    • Server: the
    • Path: /bqt
  8. Click 'Finish'
After that, the source MoscowSeminary will appear in the source list and from there you can install the modules.
currently, Russian-language modules is not much, but we after some time we will convert to this format with all available modules.

Category: Christian software/Mobile Bible

Tags: Christian Bible Bible Quote


| Windows5.15 Mb | home page | download | download from us |


Smotrelka fast, supports many extensions, batch rename files plus a variety of functions, nothing more, Russian interface.

Analog of the paid ACDSee
Category: Graphics/Viewer

Tags: Graphics Viewer

K-Lite Codec Pack

| Windows17.7 Mb | home page | download |


Collection of codecs: DivX Pro, DivX ; MPEG-4 Low and Fast motion, XviD (Koepi''s), Microsoft MPEG-4, Fraunhofer MPEG-2 A/V, MP3 audio, DivX WMA Audio, Ogg Vorbis audio, AC3 audio, DivX Anti-Freeze ...

Category: Media/Codecs

Tags: Audio Video


| Windowshome page |


Browser for a computer connected to the TV.
you Can translate the Internet into other rooms.
the Difference is that it is adapted to large screen displays, if necessary, the keyboard zoom ...

Category: Media/TV

Tags: TV Program TV TV Program Browsers


| Windows15.2 Mb | home page | download from us |


The free audio editor, just not upload MP3Trix_Free.exe then MP3Trix Tweaker and it is only free for 10 runs, then you have to pay, and weighs 15 MB, download should MP3TRIX.exe (123 KB), which is actually just a program to install the program via the Internet, the program itself weighs 17 MB.



| Windows278 Kb | home page | download from us |


Processing simple MP3 trim silence at the beginning and end, fade ... Not require installation.



| Windows396 Kb | download from us |


Displays information about the computer: CPU, graphics card, HDD, etc.. does Not require installation.

Analog of the paid RegEdit
Category: System/HDD



| Windows643 Kb | home page | download | download from us |


The program allows you to take screenshots of the desktop, active menu, or a specified part of the screen. Save screen shots or some of its area can be in BMP, and converting them to another format, such as Jpeg (*.jpg). In MWSnap You can view the image with zoom feature, 'line' and a color 'tube'

Category: Graphics/Screenshot

Tags: Graphics Screenshots


| Windows5.3 Mb | home page | download | Portable | download russifier |


The most popular Notepad webmasters. Expands plugins.

spell Check (which is very important, first because of the lack of spell check there were many errors on the websites).

Multi mode, parallel view, document comparison, regular expressions mass replace on all open documents or MH folder vqlue subfolders or not including.
Working with register encodings ... in Short all that is necessary.

the Only drawback — makes mistakes (cuts text) when working with very large files. For large files it is better suited Akelpad.

has a 64-bit version, which allows you to work with large documents.
32-bit version does not open very large files, and making large AutoCorrect makes mistakes (missing part of the text).
However on a 64-bit version is still almost no plugins, but they 2 are installed together, however you can only open at a time.

Analog of the paid TextPad
Category: Webmaster/Web editor

Tags: Notepads Mass replacement

Ordlist 1.0 beta

| Windows323 Kb | download from us |


Norwegian-Russian dictionary.

Category: Inforamtion/Dictionary

Tags: Dictionary Translators Norwegian


| Windows660 Kb | download from us |


Analog of the paid Adobe Acrobat Distiller
Category: Work with text/PDF

Tags: Coverters PDF


| Windows10 Mb | home page | download | Portable |


Pidgin supports Jabber
; rus; 12 Mb; 98/2K/XP/Vista; home;

the Former name of Gaim. There is an encrypted chat and support for almost all protocols of the Internet pager:

  1. Yahoo
  2. MSN
  3. IRC
  4. Jabber
  5. Zephyr ...

Pidgin Portable

Category: Contacts/Messenger

Tags: Managers Chats


| Windowshome page |


When we make a photo, it is a lot of information on the date of the image than it was made ... All it takes is a place for a small PNG file a lot. All this does not affect the picture and can be cleaned.

Category: Graphics/Optimization

Tags: Graphics Photo Optimization


| Windows4.2 Mb | home page | download |


Text editor with advanced features, from syntax highlighting to docs. Can be used depending on the details. For example, as a very good substitute for Notepad. Or as HTML, PHP, or HEX editor.

Analog of the paid TextPad
Category: Work with text/Notebook

Tags: Notepads

SiSoftware Sandra Professional

| Windows15 Mb | home page | download |

Non-Commercial Freeware

A set of tests to measure the performance of the system and its separate components, verification of stability, performance and compare with others, makes recommendations for upgrade, provides information about the cooling system.

Category: System/Testing

Tags: System utilities Testing


| Windows/Mac OS14 Mb | home page | download |


Songbird favorably with iTunes that is completely independent of any manufacturer, and therefore, it is not tied to one service or MP3 player a particular company.

the Main capabilities of the player the following: the Built-in browser engine Gecko (supports tabs)
Support for plugins.
Support feathers (from English. feathers, analog skins)

Smart playlists
"concert Ticket" (a standard plugin). Shows upcoming gigs in your area based on artists from your library. The opportunity provided Songkick'ohms
Internal Scrobbler (via standard plugin)
SHOUTcast radio Directory
Import media from iTunes
supports MP3, FLAC, and Ogg Vorbis on all platforms; WMA and WMA DRM on Windows; AAC on Windows and Mac.
a Library for working with media files
Auto-update plugins and core

the configuration Wizard
Songbird allows you to convert audio CD to digital format Ogg, WMA.


Spbmap Lite

| Windows20 Mb | download |


Detailed map of Saint Petersburg (with house numbers). Full version is paid.

Category: Inforamtion/Plan

Tags: Maps

Sublime Text

| Windows/Linux/Mac OShome page | download |

Sophisticated text editor for code, markup and text.
You will enjoy the neat user interface, features and incredible performance.
Interesting illumination, mass selection, command palette, shortcut number navigation.

I like Notepad++ and Akelpad, but when I needed a alternative for Linux, and then surfaced this editor.

Category: Webmaster/Text editor

Tags: Notepads Editors

Sumatra PDF

| Windows800 Kb | home page | download from us | Portable |


Compact and fast program for viewing PDF files.

Category: Work with text/PDF

Tags: PDF Readers

UniChat 1.45

| Windows1.5 Mb | download from us |


OnLine for communication in local networks (LAN), Intranet, as well as in multi-segment networks and the Internet. Does not require installation.

Category: Contacts/Messenger

Tags: Messengers Chats

Unicode2Ansi v2.0

| Windows130 Kb | download | download from us |


Mass conversion of html and text files from UTF-8 (Unicode) to ANSI.
Batch conversion of files including search in subdirectories and subfolders from Unicode to ANSI.
Supports the following conversion from Unicode to ANSI:

  • Unicode:
    • UTF7
    • UTF8
    • Unicode (little-endian)
    • Unicode (big-endian)
    • UTF-8 (no BOM)
  • ANSI
    • 1251 (Windows)
    • 866 (DOS, OEM) the
    • 1250
    • 1252

Category: Work with text/Codings

Tags: Coverters HTML Coding


home page |


Translates words and expressions. Millions of examples from real texts. While 10 languages, including Russian and English. Convenient for those who learn the language.

Category: Inforamtion/Dictionary

Tags: Dictionary Translators

Android Auto

home page |


We connect the phone to the car screen or put it on the dock.


  1. navigate through Google Maps,
  2. listen to podcasts and playlists,
  3. we can dictate messages.


  1. Android 5.0 or later,
  2. an Internet connection
  3. you will need to update the application: Google Maps, Google Play Music or Google Search.

Category: Transport/On road

Tags: Auto Navigator


| Windows/Linux15 Mb | download from us |


Ebooks FB2 editor. Allows you to manage document structure, edit text, change illustrations, edit file header and directly XML text.

Category: Work with text/Ebooks

Tags: Editors Compilers

Via браузер

home page |


Light, fast, with traffic saving, home page setup.

  1. saves selected pages, for offline viewing,
  2. a garbage filter, loads only useful information,
  3. Pop-up blocking,
  4. Incognito mode,
  5. Data cleaning,
  6. Protection against tracing,
  7. Download manager,
  8. Scanning QR codes,
  9. Night mode,
  10. translation of pages.

Category: Internet/Browser

Tags: Browsers

Blue Mail

home page |


A free universal email client with a user-friendly interface.
Unlimited number of email accounts from different providers.

Supported mail: Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, AOL, iCloud, Office365, Exchange, Google Apps, Apple mail, Hotmail, MSN, Live, Yandex, ymail,, yandex, iCloud,, GMX,, Hushmail, Zoho,, KIP, Rambler ...
Synchronization of mailboxes from different providers.
Push notifications in real time.

Advanced Features

  1. intelligent mobile notifications - quiet hours, setting sounds, vibrations, flashes and alarms, as well as a number of unique settings for each of the accounts,
  2. custom signature - customize the font and add a logo,
  3. support for Android wear,
  4. mobile printing,
  5. dynamic conversation building,
  6. priority of letters,
  7. smart filter system,
  8. the transmitted data is always encrypted,
  9. Set up a timer that blocks the screen to maintain privacy.

Category: Contacts/Mail

Tags: Mailers Email


| Windows770 Kb | home page | download | download from us |


The manager of viewing and control of autorestart Windows.
Not only programs, but also processes that run when the system starts, where the name comes from.

Category: System/Search

Tags: System utilities

Wireless Network Watcher

| Windows-64350 Kb | home page | download |


Wireless Network Watcher doesn't require any installation process or additional dll files. In order to start using it, simply extract the executable file (WNetWatcher.exe) from the zip file, and run it.

After running WNetWatcher, it automatically locates your wireless adapter, and scans your network. After a few seconds, you should start see the list of computers that are currently connected to your network.

Category: Internet/Net

Tags: Net WIFI


home page |


A popular application - discount cards in your phone.

The camera reads information from the card and adds it to your catalog.
If the card is not in the list, you can still add it.

It is quite simple and easy application.
Not with all shops works correctly, the Petersburg application the Purse, agrees with Petersburg shops.

Category: Shopping/Banks

Tags: Cards Discounts
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