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| Windows13 Kb | home page | download from us |


Mass conversion of html and text files in ANSI encoding to UTF-8 (Unicode).
Batch convert files in folders, but not in subdirectories.
Supports the following conversion from ANSI to Unicode.

  • ANSI
    • 1251 (Windows)
    • 866 (DOS, OEM)
    • 1250
    • 1252
  • Unicode:
    • UTF8
    • Unicode (little-endian)
    • Unicode (big-endian)
    • UTF-8 (no BOM)

Category: Work with text/Codings

Tags: Coverters HTML Coding Fonts

Doctor Alex Antispyware

| Windows5.29 Mb |


Utility for finding and removing spyware and malware; Forums checks the registry for malicious entries and keys; scanned cookies and fuzzy processes; high speed inspection of the entire computer as a whole; finds that no other antivirus programs are, because useful

Category: Safe/Antivirus

Tags: Protection


| Linux-64680 Mb | home page | download |


Operating System for Children.
It is placed on a flash drive, so you can always have it with you.

You can download a version of the CD and flash drives.

Category: System/OS


Family Tree Builder

| Windows19.9 Mb | download | download from us |


In this program, there is most of those innovative features that were developed in the field of genealogy in the past decade:
- Technology for facial recognition;
- the Input visual data;
- Immersive 3D performance;
- the Possibility of publishing their ancestry in a family tree in real time.

Category: Inforamtion/Women software

Tags: 3D Scanning


| Windows1.6 Mb | home page | download | download from us |


Program to batch resize images as a percentage of the specified width and height, preserving the aspect ratio. Supported formats are JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF.

Category: Graphics/Processing graphics

Tags: Graphics


| Windows-641.4 Mb | home page | download | download |


Great file Manager, very similar to the famous TotalCommander. Able to work with bookmarks. Has a built photo viewer. Like many GNU program are developing very fast.

Analog of the paid Total Commander
Category: Discs and Files/File manager

Tags: Managers System utilities

HDD Low Level Format Tool

| Windows490 Kb | home page | download from us |


Utility for low level formatting your hard drive, and external USB devices via the USB interface. Works with SATA, IDE and SCSI HDD size up to 281 474 976 710 655-bit

Category: System/Cleaning

Tags: System utilities Cleaning


| Windows/Linux/Mac OS25 Mb | home page | download |


Media player with the ability to view Internet TV and the option to search and download videos from YouTube, Google Video, Yahoo Video, Blogdigger (downloads files from the protocols HTTP, RSS, BitTorrent) and other similar sites; support almost any type of video files, including DivX, Xvid, QuickTime, WMV, AVI; the option to subscribe to any RSS feed that contains video files as well as podcasts or videoblogs.

Category: Media/TV

Tags: Video TV


| Windowshome page |


Category: Internet/Server

Tags: Server

Universal Viewer

| Windows356 Kb | home page | download | download from us |


Universal file viewer. Shows many types of files: text, binary, Unicode, RTF, image, multimedia, Internet documents. There is support for Lister plugins from Total Commander

Category: Webmaster/Web editor

Tags: Notepads Viewer


| Windows0.9 Mb | home page | download |


Copy entire sites, fine tuning, most used today.

Analog of the paid WinRAR, WinZIP
Category: Internet/Offline Browser

Tags: Browsers Download


home page |


We listen to music simultaneously on a smartphone, tablet and Bluetooth-speakers.
Music can be taken from YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud or your collection on a smartphone.
Similarly, you can arrange simultaneous viewing of YouTube videos.

Category: Media/Player

Tags: Players Audio Video


| Windows/Mac OShome page |



Complete security at home and out.

  1. GPS tracking Location in real time,
  2. IPcam for video and audio monitoring,
  3. Detect events and instant transfer to your mobile devices,
  4. Audio and video records are remote,
  5. Two-way sound transmission,
  6. The remote rumble that rings the missing device,
  7. Integration with Google Gmail account
  8. Secure access: You are the only one who can access the connected devices,
  9. Access even in sleep mode,
  10. Support multiple networks: tracking, supports all types of networks: Wi-Fi, 2G, 3G, 4G, etc.
  11. And much more!


Arasan Chess

| Windows/Linux/Mac OS10 Mb | home page | download |


Game Chess, quite a powerful program.

Saves the game, there are tips, the choice of the power level of the chess engine (from 0 to 100).

Category: Inforamtion/Leisure

Tags: Games

| Windows-64/Linux/Mac OS40 Mb | download |



Chat for teams - big and small.
There are chat tasks with deadlines and checklists, two applications and a web version.
And we also automatically decode audio messages.

Effective for business communication, collaboration and task management.
Business communications are scattered across many different messengers, emails, meetings, tasks are set everywhere and as a result nowhere is controlled.
Here you can separate business communication from other information noise and direct it towards achieving the goals.

Category: Contacts/Messenger

Tags: Messengers Chats

The Beatles Greatest Hits Ringtones


Find Beatles ringtones for mobile phones.
Free app for ringtones of the greatest Beatles hits.

Quickly view hundreds of available tones in WhatsApp of the greatest Beatles hits.

Category: Media/Sound

Tags: Music Beatles Ringtone
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