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Once bought a smartphone in a Connected and imposed upon me credit said that you can pay off in a month and it will be 2000 cheaper. A year later, the Bank began to bomb requirements to pay the debt was 3000 RUB.

I asked them to send a copy of the contract with my signature on it, but only send threats (believe empty). This program blocks all successfully. You can block the number, you can block all numbers that start at say +7954 ...

Category: Contacts/Phone

Tags: Address book Phone Protection

ISY Block

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ISY (I Silent You) Block

Block incoming calls and SMS.

  1. block incoming calls from a specific subscriber
  2. block incoming incoming messages by type (international, hidden, unknown, short)
  3. block a certain subscriber by playing a message from the cellular operator «no service number»
  4. block incoming SMS
  5. block SMS and/or incoming calls from groups of subscribers
  6. view the log of blocked calls and SMS
  7. enable completely silent mode (for calls and SMS, and for other alerts) manually or configure a transition to it on a schedule.


Category: Contacts/Phone

Tags: Address book Phone Protection


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iTunes Android huawei

Identify unknown numbers, block SMS spam. The application filters out unnecessary calls and messages and connects you only with those who are really important.
Truecaller has a list of spam numbers constantly updated by a community of 250 million users.

  1. The world's leading caller identifies whoever is calling you,
  2. Blocking spam and phone sales agents,
  3. Displaying names of unknown subscribers in call history,
  4. Flash messaging - sending to friends information about geolocation, emoticons and statuses in Flash.
Truecaller does not send or publish data from your contact list anywhere.

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Category: Contacts/Phone

Tags: Address book Phone Protection

Google Contacts

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Owner: Google, надежные site.


Google Mail allows you to work separately with contacts, for this you do not need to specifically log into the mail. There is a separate interface.

On the Contacts page, you can import, store and view all the important data about the recipients.
In addition, here you can combine addresses into groups. The use of groups allows you not to enter the top ten addresses, when you want to send a message to several people at once, but just select the group once and send the message to all users who enter it.

Someone is missing?

Using the hints, you can easily add to the contact list the email addresses of people you often send messages to.

Are there duplicate contacts?

We can help you find and merge duplicate contacts.

Synchronizing contacts with your phone

Google Contacts can be synced with many mobile devices.
The default sync settings in different phones may vary. Most phones are synchronized with My Contacts by default, but some phones can be synchronized with other contact groups. Learn more about default contact groups and group changes ...

Remember: synchronization is done in two ways. Contacts deleted from your mobile device are also deleted from your Google Account.

Deleted contacts can be restored within 30 days.

Category: Contacts/Phone

Tags: Address book
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