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Panoramic video in 360º

logo Vimeo 360

reliable site

Vimeo 360

Join Vimeo 360º

Vimeo created a site for storing and earning in the production of 360º video.
What is reasonable, the equipment is expensive and the work is much.

Vimeo also provides support information on how to make 360º video.

logo YouTube 360

reliable site

Owner: Google,

YouTube 360

How to upload a panoramic video to YouTube

Video hosting YouTube allows you to watch a panoramic video or create and upload Himself.

Well, first of all, the word is loaded, loudly said, and refers to very few.
This is not a normal video hosting, where you can upload video to any phone. Here you already need special equipment and skills.

It will take a

  1. panoramic camera, there is a better and comparatively cheaper, but worse,
  2. video processing software,
  3. ideally a drone is needed that will remove the video on the move, that More effective.
So the occupation is not cheap.

In addition, the vast majority of people - photographers and videographers are none. We understood this as soon as the photo and video became public.
And if you do not know how to find the right perspective, place, dynamics, then you will suffer a great disappointment - to spend on expensive equipment and no one will want to look.

But when the videos are made by specialists, the look becomes fascinating and we feel as if we are traveling and looking where we want.
You get some effect of presence.

logo VK 360

reliable site
- Russian


Uses: YouTube.

VK 360

VK looking at Facebook added to itself the possibility of using panoramic video.
But went, at least for the time being, on the simplest way - using YouTube videos.
So here you can watch YouTube 360 ​​video without leaving VK.
That's all for now.

logo Rutube 360

reliable site

Owner: Газпром,

Rutube 360

The Rutube player supports 360 videos (panoramic).

How does it work

  1. shoot the top quality movie shot with a spherical camera (Nikon KeyMission 360, Ricoh Theta, Kodak SP360, IC Real Tech Allie).
  2. Download the 360 ​​Video Metadata application,
  3. check the box Spherical (Spherical), click Save as (Save as), give the name.
  4. load on Rutube.


Professional shooting and video broadcasting 360.
virtual reality studio.
Here you can order or watch the already created professional panoramic video.

This service is useful for those who need high-quality video ads on their site or who want to see a very decent picture.

logo Facebook 360

reliable site

Owner: Facebook,

Facebook 360

Facebook has developed its panoramic video technology.
There is a special section for those wishing to create 360 ​​videos and there is a group where authors can share experiences and news.

logo Airpano

- Russian

Uses: Google maps.

tel.: +7 916-827-63-07


On this site, among other things, a 360 ° video is managed.
The video is shot from the air and really very impressive. You fly past the tall tower and can look down, or at the tower, or into the distance. Excellent resolution, amazing places: Moscow Kremlin, St. Petersburg, Antarctica, Kamchatka (volcanic eruption, valley of geysers ...), Grand Canyon ( USA), Dubai (UAE), the city of Petra (Jordan) ...

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