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Online courses from Yandex

logo Online courses from Yandex

Online courses from Yandex

Courses and lectures on in-demand professions in IT.

Programming and data analysis

In the online courses you'll not only get the necessary knowledge from Yandex employees and invited experts, but also learn practical skills. No unnecessary theory, only what will come in handy in real life.

Machine Learning and Data Analytics

Five courses dedicated to introduction to machine learning and basic data processing tools.
Lecturers will show the full cycle of analysis - from data collection to selection of optimal solution and its quality estimation, they will teach to use modern analytical tools and adapt them for particular tasks.

The art of developing in modern C++

Teachers share their long experience of creating large projects in C++.
They don't retell the textbook, but teach how to solve the problems most developers face in practice. Lectures are presented in an easy and accessible form, supported by a large number of programming tasks.
Finishing this specialization will allow you not only to speak about C++ comparing it with other languages, but also get the real skill of programming.

Interface design: layout and javascript

Taking this specialization, you'll learn the basic tools of an interface developer.
The main highlight of all courses - complex, but not detached from reality practical tasks.
.They were prepared by the Yandex developers.
.They tried to make the exercises resemble the real working tasks as much as possible.

Data structures and algorithms

The curriculum includes five courses and project work.
Students are introduced to algorithms and data structures that are commonly used to solve problems in computer science.
During the training you not only have to come up with algorithms, but also to implement them - it gives you a deeper understanding of the material.
The program language is English.

Big Data for Engineers

Program of the three courses and projects is designed primarily for people who want to learn how to work with large amounts of data - to store them and build fail-safe and efficient processing systems.
But specialization will be also useful for those who deals with data mining. The program language is English.

Machine Learning: Advanced

In this series of online courses, instructors give the basics of deep learning, reinforcement learning, automatic text processing, computer vision, and Bayesian methods.

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