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Create a website on Wordpress

(Content management system)
Content management systems. If you do not understand the word Content, this is the content of the site.
This is a ready-made site that you can use to fill with your content. This site has an online editor for your site. That is, you can add pages, delete, edit, move to other sections, create sections, subsections ...

(A set of ready-made scripts that you can easily and freely install on your site)

CMS with open source. One of the most popular and easiest to use. Used for blogs, simple sites and online stores. Included in Fantastico.
From the advantages of this particular CMS:
  1. a large number of plug-ins that supplement and extend the CMS,
  2. a large number of paid and free templates so that all sites do not Looked the same.

logo WordPress

reliable site
English - Russian

Uses: WordPress.


1. Looking for hosting with a pre-installed WordPress

There is and another way - download the latest version of WordPress and install it yourself. But if you did not do this before, it will be very difficult.
In any case, you need hosting and in any case you should look for hosting with PHP and MySQL support. And most webhosts have a pre-installed WordPress, so why not choose ATTENTION when choosing a hosting? In addition, we are talking about how to just make a website. And if there is a pre-installed WordPress on the hosting, it means there is PHP and MySQL, everything you need, you do not even need to think about it.


If there is an indication on the hosting about Fantastico, then WordPress is there. On some hosting sites, as for example on Jino, there is not all Fantastico, but WordPress and a couple more CMS are. Once on a hosting it is simply specified "the Set of scripts".

Unfortunately, not every hosting indicates when choosing tariffs for such trivia as WordPress. So do not hesitate to contact support and consult about the availability of pre-installed WordPress. Maybe you will promise to set it up for you.

I recommend hosting

  1. Jino - very inexpensive and most flexible hosting,
  2. Gudzonhost - this hosting is owned by the Russians in USA, it will be convenient for a small site, if the attendance exceeds 2000 people a day, it will not pull such a load (I then switched to Jino), it will be more expensive than Jino.
  3. RBC hosting - good speed, a lot of space, suitable for a large site, more expensive Jino.

2. Connecting WordPress

So, you have a hosting with a preinstalled WordPress. But it must be connected.
We go to the control panel of the site. It can be cPanel or some other.
In any case, there will be an opportunity to connect WordPress.
It is important to enter the correct email, it will receive information that should be saved. And select the root folder of your site, then your entire site will be WordPress, not a separate folder.

If you have any questions, please SUPPORT SERVICES. This is the advantage of paid hosting.
I can not give any more recommendations, everywhere the panels are different, I will not ship you.

3. Design

We do not want our site to be with the standard WordPress template.
There are many templates (template) for WordPress.

There are templates

  1. Beautiful paid,
  2. Simple unpretentious,
  3. Beautiful free.
I recommend you look for the latter.

What do we actually do?

Our goal is to find a template that we like and change the image of the cap in it so that our name and logo are there.
If you are familiar with web programming, then you can change the style completely.

Some sites with templates

Themes on the official WordPress site are not the biggest choice, but the advantage is that they will be accurately updated via the site control panel .

Themes for WordPress in Russian

And then

Now we go to the control panel, we are guided.
Do not rush, take the time to orient yourself.

Write down your login, password.
For storing passwords, I recommend using password managers.
Password should not be too simple, otherwise the site will be forgiven.
Recommendations for creating a password - read all!

And we fill the site with unique content.
If you have a site on the engine, and the content you just copied somewhere on the Internet, then rest assured, Yandex and Google will notice this at once and your site will always be at the tail.
But if you have a unique content and a regular update. If people stop by and stay. Your site will go up.

In Russian
logo TemPlaza


On the site you can see and download templates on WordPress and Joomla and plug-ins.

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