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Self-treatment - when we are treated with drugs that can not be taken without the recommendation of a doctor.

Traditional medicine is harmless in most cases. These are usually the foods we eat. However, traditional medicine can be harmful.

Because it is important to measure 7 times, before cutting. That is, I would read a smart site, but not one, I would ask the doctor what will happen if I follow this or that advice from the site.
If it can really be dangerous, most likely the doctor has seen this in practice.

By the way about the same say all sites about traditional medicine. For example, we are not responsible for the results, use at your own risk and risk or Information is provided for informational purposes.

So this should be treated as a neighbor's advice, with some distrust, double-checked.

We here offer only the most popular sites with high ratings. But only those sites where really sensible people's advice, and not mysticism.


Zakhar Zhuravlev's blog. Home treatment.

Zakhar is Orthodox and shares the experience of using herbs and folk remedies in food.

Here information and how to collect and store herbs. How to make broths, what to do with a toothache that will help the h

logo Alternative to medicine

Alternative to medicine

Blogger Svetlana has a medical and psychological education, and therefore writes about health.

The format of the blog allows not only to read, but also to seek advice.

Among the shortcomings - the material is not structured. The very same material is quite good and reasoned.

Heal yourself.

It looks like this site is about what you can not do. You can not self-medicate.
But not quite.
You can not take pills that can not be taken without the advice of a doctor.
But folk remedies will not bring harm.

However, it is better not to heal, but try to eat right from the start.
The site has it all:

  • Diseases and treatments
  • Folk remedies
  • Proper nutrition
  • Diet and weight loss
  • Beauty and Health

logo Treatment of folk remedies

Treatment of folk remedies

Folk remedies for health and beauty, especially herbs.

This is a base of herbs.

You can search by

  1. herbs and see what the benefits may be from them in any application.
  2. diseases - choose the disease, read the description and treatment recommendations,
  3. classification of diseases - eyes, throat, infection, women, joints ...
There is a search if we do not know where to look.

In general, the base is very decent and well organized.

logo LechusDoma


Home medicine from A to Z.

Great site about home medicine.
I especially like the fact that the site is well illustrated.
In many cases, it is better to visually see than read the detailed description.

First of all, this site is informational, it gives answers to many questions, for example, which doctors are and what they do (we all know who the dentist is, but not everyone knows who the hematologist is, etc.), drugs, diseases ...

Detailed articles, reading is not boring, it is understandable for an unprepared user.

The site helps to recognize the disease and prompt treatment.

logo RMJ


An independent publication for practitioners, more than 50,000 doctors in total.
Published since 1995.


Postgraduate education of general practitioners.

The audience of the magazine is general practitioners, narrow specialists, clinical interns and graduate students, senior students of medical institutes.
Current comprehensive information on the diagnosis and treatment of diseases for doctors of all specialties.
The authors of the articles are the best professionals in their fields. The most read publication among practitioners.
35 thematic issues per year. It is distributed free of charge among specialists and medical institutions of Russia.

Registration required.

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