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logo Blog about dogs

Blog about dogs

Quite an interesting blog about dogs, articles illustrated, detailed and to the point.

I like in the descriptions of the breeds assessment of the characteristics of dogs, such as attitude towards children, guard qualities, loss of hair ... on a 5-point scale.

These articles will be especially useful to those who are planning to have a dog, but have not yet decided on the breed.

logo KotObormot


A blog about cats.

The author loves cats and the site is dedicated to this.

Of course, there is something about feeding, leaving ... but this is not the goal.
Cats are independent unpredictable animals, which is fascinating to watch. This site is about living with cats.

    If the cat, purring, clings to the soul
    This warm lump - defense from harm
    And the universe will immediately begin to grow good
    And melt, the bad trace will disappear


All about dogs - news, articles, photos.

Site in the form of a blog, articles and feedback form.
Quite detailed descriptions of rocks, good illustrations, useful links.

Is there a video. But the photos in my opinion are too good, it seems that the dog is looking at you and you want a dog of any breed.

But you can not start a shepherd dog if you need a lap dog. Just read and approach responsibly, then the dog will please you and you will.

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