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Software - maps



| Windows750 Kb | download from us |


Handbook on geographic coordinates, 1956 contains data on the cities in the world. The definition of distances between any two points of the globe. The definition of geographical coordinates at any point of the globe with one mouse click.

Category: Inforamtion/Plan

Tags: Maps

NASA World Wind

| Windows59 Mb | home page | download |


A virtual Atlas created by NASA, unlike Google Earth, allows us to consider not only the surface of our planet, the moon, and Mars.

Category: Inforamtion/Plan

Tags: Maps 3D


| Windows8.8 Mb | download |


Metro maps of more than 180 cities - Moscow, Petersburg, Kiev, Rome, Toronto, Washington ... in Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, English, French and German.

Category: Inforamtion/Plan

Tags: Maps Metro

Spbmap Lite

| Windows20 Mb | download |


Detailed map of Saint Petersburg (with house numbers). Full version is paid.

Category: Inforamtion/Plan

Tags: Maps

Google Earth

| Windows1 Mb | home page | download |

Owner: Google, надежный site.


Client software to work with three-dimensional model of the Earth, created from satellite high resolution pictures. Opportunities to change the scale images (sometimes down to individual houses), and much more, including the coordinates of the object. Map you can view the map from any angle; most of the maps - these are ordinary 2D-pictures, but some objects (settlements) are presented in the form of three-dimensional models.

For comfortable work c Google Earth requires a modern computer and a broadband connection to the Internet (however, we can work through dial-up, but only get slow).

Category: Inforamtion/Plan

Tags: Maps 3D


home page |

Owner: Google, надежные site.

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Drivers communities. Get the best route, every day, with real–time help from other drivers.

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Category: Inforamtion/Plan

Tags: Maps Navigator

Sweet Home 3D

| Windows/Linux/Mac OS60 Mb | home page |


Free interior design application that helps you draw the plan of your house, arrange furniture on it and visit the results in 3D.

Category: Inforamtion/Plan

Tags: Maps 3D


| Windows/Linux/Mac OS home page |


Planetarium on an open source computer. It displays the sky in 3D as it can be seen through binoculars or a telescope.

Enter your coordinates and explore the stars.

The shooting star broke out near Jupiter. You can select a different intensity in the preview window. Great Orion Nebula. Press N to display the names of the nebulae. Constellation lines are also displayed, press C to show or hide them. Dance of the planets above the ESO headquarters, near Munich. The whole sky with constellations, their borders and the Milky Way.

  1. standard catalog - more than 600,000 stars,
  2. additional directories - more than 177 million stars,
  3. standard catalog - more than 80,000 objects of deep space,
  4. additional catalog - more than a million objects of deep space,
  5. star clusters and images of constellations,
  6. constellations of more than 20 different cultures,
  7. images of nebulae (full Messier catalog),
  8. A realistic Milky Way,
  9. A very realistic atmosphere, sunsets and sunrises,
  10. planets and their satellites,
  11. powerful scaling, time tracking,
  12. multilingual interface,
  13. the fisheye projection for projecting an image onto the planetarium dome,
  14. spherical mirror projection for your personal low-budget dome,
  15. A new graphical interface and advanced control system with a keyboard,
  16. telescope control,
  17. display,
  18. Equatorial and azimuthal grids,
  19. flicker of stars,
  20. meteors,
  21. tails of comets,
  22. simulation of the outbreaks of iridiums,
  23. Simulation of eclipses,
  24. Simulation of supernovae and new ones,
  25. 3D landscapes,
  26. landscapes with skins support, now with a spherical panoramic projection,
  27. customization and expansion,
  28. a system of plug-ins for the addition of artificial satellites, eyepiece simulation, telescope control and much more,
  29. the ability to add new objects of the solar system from the Internet ...,
  30. adding your own cosmic objects, landscapes, images of constellations, scenarios ...

Category: Inforamtion/Plan

Tags: Maps 3D
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