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Forms of food in hotels

OB, NA (only bed) - only bed, without food.
RO (room only) - only a room, without food.
BB (bed & breakfast) - only breakfast.
HB (half board) - half board (breakfast and dinner).
FB (full board) - full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner).
ALL, AI (all inclusive) - "all inclusive" full board, including local drinks.
Mini inclusive - full board, including local drinks not only with meals, but in a limited space.
UAL, UAI (ultra all inclusive) - ultra all inclusive (full board, including drinks of foreign production).
HCAL (high class all inclusive) - everything is free, except for shops, phone, doctor, hairdresser, some water sports and scuba diving.
HB + (half board plus) - breakfast and dinner at the hotel, drinks during dinner included.
FB +, EXTFB (full board plus) - breakfast, lunch and dinner at the hotel.
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