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Do I need a dedicated IP address for my site?

Dedicated IP address
IP address - the unique address of the resource on the Internet. The technology of virtual hosting makes it possible to place hundreds of sites on one IP address.

If you are promoting your resources on the network, investing your time and money in them, we strongly recommend that you acquire a unique dedicated IP address for each site.

When purchasing a dedicated IP-address service, you will receive the following benefits:

  1. The ability to access your site by IP address
  2. The ability to install an SSL certificate
  3. More accurate attendance statistics
  4. Ability to create anonymous FTP access;
  5. Independence from the web resources of "neighbors" on the physical server, which "banned" the search engines;
  6. Higher site stability in DOS attack conditions on .
This will protect your investments in advertising, and ultimately help to provide better positions in search engine results.

If you have not dropped TCI or PageRank, you are not attacked and you think if you need a dedicated IP, then you do not need it, or until you need it. You can always buy it.

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