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Translation of hockey can be viewed on a number of TV companies. But here there is a feature.
One of the ways to earn money in sports is selling broadcasts.
  1. This is an expensive pleasure, because no channel buys everything.
  2. If one channel bought the broadcast, the other channel will not. The exclusive right is bought.
    Also, you can not watch olympiads abroad on Russian TV channels, because they bought the right to broadcast to the territory of Russia. And so on.
    Let's say we went to Turkey and there instead of the World Ice Hockey Championship (which was indicated by the program and went through Russia) than the feature film.
  3. The exception is the specialized TV channels, like for example KHL TV or NHL TV, which broadcast everything in their league.
So there is not one channel on which you can watch the game of your favorite team. In this case, it will be useful to have access to the broadcasting of a number of TV channels, eg:

  1. Match! - if no one has bought an exclusive right, most likely the game will be shown here. You can look at the official website or say at SPB TV
  2. The first TV channel tries to broadcast all the key games. You can look at the official website or say to SPB TV
  3. Russia TV. It's not rare that championships can be played on this channel. You can look at the official website Russia TV or say to SPB TV
  4. On local television. Say, you like SKA Petersburg, the broadcast is not rarely goes to LIFE78, it's more convenient to look at SPB TV
logo Match! TV

Match! TV

National Sports TV Channel

  1. We go to the TV/Broadcast match
  2. get the schedule for today's broadcasts from all the channels of the Match TV,
  3. choose the right match, the channel will be indicated there (Match GAME, Match ARENA ...),
  4. click and get the player, if the game has not started yet, the time will be specified before the broadcast starts,
  5. if your game is on the main channel (just a TV match), I recommend watching SPB TV, there will be HD broadcasting, the picture is spectacular.
There can also be in the text format interviews, news. Which is convenient. If there is a world championship or an olympiad, then all this information may be of interest to us.

If the game is key, most likely it will show First Channel. You can watch it there, the picture will be high resolution via Internet.

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logo Yandex.Efir NHL

reliable site

Owner: Яндекс,

address: Russia

Yandex.Efir NHL

Free broadcast of all NHL games.
You can watch the live broadcast, you can watch it later.
And then there is the archive, you can see reviews of the games, individual moments. But without comments.

Games on Saturdays are played during the daytime, we have it 20:00 or 22:00, which makes watching the live broadcast convenient.

Tags allow you to filter the games and archive with a certain team, with Russian players ...
Subscription, notification.

Russian and English languages are offered.

Advertising at the start of the video, then no more often than usual.

logo SportPlus

English - Russian



Live online video broadcasts of sports matches:

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  • Hockey
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Table Tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Handball
  • Water polo
  • darts
  • Cricket
  • snooker
Watch your favorite LIVE matches for free.
Unfortunately, only live broadcasting, no archive and not all broadcasting will be available from your country.

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