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Statistics, standings

There are many such sites, many running, even more rarely updated and simply uncomfortable. I suggest, what is more convenient to me on the interface, the reliability of information and the speed of the update.
  1. - Hockey Hall of Fame
  2. - Higher Hockey League
  3. - Hockey Country
  4. - European Hockey
  5. - Hockey Review
  6. - Hockey Archives
  7. -
  8. - TV channel Sport
  9. - Hockey in Kazakhstan
  10. - Hockey in Belarus
  11. - Elite Prospects
  12. - Stats SweHockey
  13. - Quant Hockey
  14. - Stats Suomen
  15. - Russian Hockey
  16. - Global Sports Consulting
  17. - Pointstreak
  18. - Hockey WildIce
  19. - World of Hockey
  20. - Hockey on the Kulichki
  21. - Hockey Database

Player Statistics

  1. - KHL Stats
  2. - NHL Players
  3. - KHL Players
  4. - Ice Hockey Archive
  5. - Ice Hockey Database
  6. - Ice Hockey Database
  7. - The teams of the World Cup Hockey
  8. - History and compositions of the leaders of Russia and the USSR
  9. - List of Canadian national ice hockey team rosters
  10. - Stanley Cup winning players
  11. - Triple Gold Club - Hockey 'triad', the players who won: Gold of the Winter Olympic Games, Gold of the World Cup and the Stanley Cup.
  12.Список_ро - List of Russian NHL hockey players
  13.Список_хо - List of hockey players who won the Stanley Cup.
  14.Список_на - Continental Hockey League Awards List
  15.Чемпионат - 2019 Ice Hockey World Championship
  16.Чемпионат - Ice Hockey World Championship 2019 (compositions)
  17. - Ice Hockey at the 2018 Winter Olympic Games
  18. - List of Canadian national ice hockey team rosters
  19. - National ice hockey team rosters
  20. - List of Olympic men's ice hockey players for Russia
  21. - Stanley Cup winning players
  22. - 2019 IIHF World Championship rosters
  23. - List of Canadian national ice hockey team rosters
  24. - List of United States national ice hockey team rosters
  25. - National ice hockey team rosters
  26. - List of Olympic men's ice hockey players for Russia


  1. - Sport online edition - Reports from all significant sporting events, interviews with famous athletes, comments of specialists.
  2. - Sport Express - The most popular daily sports newspaper.

Статистика игроков

  1. - NHL/WHA Playoffs - Detailed information on the players.
logo IIHF Statistics

IIHF Statistics

We go to the address and get a simple textual statistics of the hockey tournament that is taking place at the moment.
If no tournament passes, we get the statistics of the last tournament.

The text on the site is clickable, so you can, in addition to simple general statistics, get a lot of detailed information.

All statistics for the competition has its unique address, it can be copied and logged in at another time or year.

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The news, the table, the schedule of games, the statistics ... the current information, the operational update.

For some reason, there is no separate statistics on the scored washers, which is inconvenient.

But there is a separate statistics for our

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logo FlashScore

reliable site
English - Russian



The score of games in real time, video of the scored goals of some matches.
In real time, the standings, a table of bombers. That is, the team wins on the move and the table indicates the place it will take if it wins. The player scored the year and in the statistics he was immediately added.

The reason for such speed - the site was created for bets. I do not make bets, I just use it.

The best database on the main sports is perfectly organized.
Just go to the site, choose the sport, all current matches will be provided to us. Some allow you to see how goals were scored. There are a lot of leagues, as well as international tournaments.
If we follow a team, especially during the playoffs, we immediately after the result of the game want to know how the situation in the standings changed. With a single click we can see the required table.

Need more information? Please, here are the teams, detailed information on the players. In short, an excellent database, most importantly - updated in real time.

I use the mobile application, it is very convenient.

iTunes Android huawei

In Russian

News, table, schedule of games, statistics ... current information, operational update.

Personally, I prefer to look here, conveniently and not overloaded. And not to me alone, this is the most visited sports resource.

On the site you can find the latest information on the main sports, football, hockey, tennis, auto racing, boxing, volleyball, basketball.
Here it is convenient to see how the tournament of a certain sport is held, as one team played, a calendar. That's the composition of the teams will not be able to see.

That is, here is operational, not complete information.

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In Russian
logo Society for International Hockey Research

Society for International Hockey Research

Dead hockey players by months.
The site also has other information on hockey players.

Freely limited information.
Not from every country available.


News, tournament tables, leading leagues (NHL, KHL, VHL, MHL, AHL), major international tournaments, hockey players' transitions.

Good informational site about hockey.
You want to know when the season ends, when the playoff begins, who went where this season, when what tournaments.

Information on leagues, clubs of these leagues (game schedule, recaps ...), players.

logo All Hockey

All Hockey

Information site about KHL, VHL, MHL, NHL, AHL, CHL, European leagues. World Championships and Olympics.

Drop Your Gloves
English - English

Discard your gloves - this is the name of the site. Hockey is played with gloves, and when emotions overwhelm, they drop gloves and fight.
Site about hockey fights, statistics, reviews.

The site itself does not look like it looked clumsy sites of affairs 15 ago.
But a very decent and regularly updated database.

Statistics for all hockey leagues, by seasons. Choose a league, season, club, etc.

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