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Driving license of international standard

here are countries where it is required to have only the driver's license of the international standard, and somewhere inside the Russian will also descend. Let's say in the United States we need international, but the police and rental stations will be completely arranged by the Russian ones.

Only international driver's license is valid

  1. Andorra,
  2. Albania,
  3. Gibraltar,
  4. Ireland,
  5. Iceland,
  6. Cyprus,
  7. Holland,

  8. French Polynesia,
  9. Malta,
  10. Algeria,
  11. Benin,
  12. The Gambia,
  13. Bangladesh,
  14. Jordan,
  15. Cambodia,
  16. India,
  17. China,
  18. Hong Kong,
  19. Lebanon,
  20. Laos,
  21. Singapore,
  22. Malaysia,
  23. Taiwan
  24. Syria,
  25. Japan,
  26. Turkey,
  27. Belize,
  28. Guatemala,
  29. Haiti,
  30. Grenada
  31. Argentina,
  32. Canada,
  33. United States,
  34. Dominican Republic,
  35. Peru,
  36. Paraguay,
  37. Jamaica,
  38. Trinidad and Tobago,
  39. St. Vincent and the Grenadines,
  40. San Lucia,
  41. Australia,
  42. New Zealand,
  43. New Caledonia,
  44. Western Samoa,
  45. Papua New Guinea,
  46. Fiji Island.

It's enough to have Russian rights

  1. The rest of the EU,
  2. CIS,
  3. Zimbabwe,
  4. Israel,
  5. Iran,
  6. Indonesia,
  7. The UAE,
  8. Kuwait,
  9. Morocco,
  10. North Macedonia,
  11. Nigeria,
  12. Pakistan,
  13. Korea,
  14. Thailand,
  15. CAR,
  16. South Africa,
  17. Ghana,
  18. Bahamas,
  19. Bahrain,
  20. Brazil,
  21. Venezuela,
  22. Costa Rica,
  23. Guyana,
  24. Zaire,
  25. Cuba,
  26. Mexico,
  27. Seychelles,
  28. Senegal,
  29. Uruguay,
  30. Cote d'Ivoire,
  31. Uruguay,
  32. Philippines,
  33. Chile,
  34. Ecuador.

How to register international rights in the Russian Federation

Contact your traffic police department or issue an appeal on the website of the State Service.
  1. pay the state fee for the issuance of international driving licenses - 1000 rubles.
  2. pass a physical examination for fitness for the management of the vehicle,
  3. photo 3,5X4,5 cm,
  4. international passport,
  5. passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation.
We take a receipt, a certificate and all the rest and in the traffic police, and better on the site of the State Service.

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