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Unsuccessful car names

Buick LaCrosse in Quebec (Canada) - self-satisfaction.

Chevrolet Nova, Lada Nova in Spanish No va - not going.

Dodge Swinger - sex and exchange partners.

Fiat Uno in Finnish - nerd.

Ford Fiera in Latin America - an old ugly woman.

Ford Probe in English is the so-called stool analysis.

Ford Punto in Spanish - penis, and insultingly small.

Geely Rural Nanny in English sound not cool.

Honda Fitta n Swedish and Norwegian - a rough expression of the female sexual organ. changed to Honda Jazz.

Lada Kalina in Finnish - crack, rattling, rumbling.

Maserati Ghibli in Russian - Wicked

Mitsubishi Pajero in Spanish - masturbating. was changed to "Montero"

Nissan Moco in Spanish moco - scythe.

Nissan Serena — a popular manufacturer of women's pads.

Opel Ascona in northern Spain - an intimate zone of a woman.

Volkswagen Jetta in Italian is pronounced Letta - thrown into the garbage.

Volkswagen Tuareg in English sounds like a toerag - "portyanka" in slang - homeless.

Volkswagen Vento Italian lingo "fart".

Audi e-tron in French - shit.

Audi TT Coupe in French - severed head.

Zhiguli in several languages ​​the word Zhiguli had not very decent harmonies.

Mazda LaPuta in Spanish la puta - prostitute.

Mazda Titan Dump Dump truck in English - truck, but only dump (withouot truck) - croak.

Mercedes Vaneo is a popular toilet paper in the world.

Toyota MR2 in French sounds like a merde - shit.

Toyota Ora, Toyota Vitz in German Ora - grandfather, and Witze - anecdote. Not cool for youth design car.

Rolls Royce Silver Mist in German mist - manure.

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