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logo Rossgram

reliable site
English - Russian

Owner: Meta,

address: Russia


Russian analogue of Instagram.

The main feature is the most understandable interface and functionality for Instagram users.
That will make the transition easier.
But there is no base, subscribers ...

Whether he shoots or not, time will tell. But something tells me that the ceiling of this service is ... like Rutube vs Youtube.

logo Instagram


Service for sharing photos and videos with elements of sociality.
Photos are square, Polaroid style.
Polaroid used to take instant photos and they were square.
Hence the name Instagram - Instant.
That is, just as Polaroid instantly developed photos, so Instagram instantly posts photos.

How does it work?

  1. Put the app on,
  2. takes the photo,
  3. applies a filter to the photo,
  4. share the photo through any social network, including Instagram.

Why Instagram?

And really, why? When there are social networks that are much more functional.
The thing is, people use social media mostly feeds.
Some use chat.

That's why messengers with elements of sociality have become popular.
There, the user finds everything he needs and nothing unnecessary.

And the most interesting thing in the feed was the pictures. So much for Instagram - only pictures.
And, thanks to filters, they look more interesting than in social networks.
The format allows you to comfortably look at a smartphone.

What do people do on Instagram?

  • Some people like to take pictures and share everywhere.
  • Creativity - someone knows how to take pictures and share their creativity.
  • Employment - if you're active, you might earn something.
  • Promotion - you can sell products or promote your services.

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