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logo Seene


Uses: Instagram.


Instagram in 3D.
Instead of posting photos in 3D.

Unlike Instagram, Seene is only tied to iOS. The application allows you to view photos in 3D and make such photos.
The process of shooting is not easy, but it is well explained.

On the Seene website for any snapshot, you can get the code to embed on any site.

logo Instagram

English - Russian

Uses: Instagram.

tel.: +7 (495) 649-86-81


An application for sharing photos and videos with elements of sociality.
The photos are square, in the style of Polaroid.
Polaroid took instant photos and they were square.
Then this camera ceased to exist in that form, as we knew it, because instant photo can do any camera and phone.
Who now needs an expensive service Polaroid?
Hence the name Instagram - from Instant. That is, as Polaroid instantly exhibited a photo, so Instagram instantly places a photo.

How does it work?

  1. We put the application.
  2. Make a photo.
  3. applies a filter to the photo.
  4. share photos through any social network, including the Instagram network.

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