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7 reasons not to emigrate from Russia

Author Pavel Durov.

1. Low Taxes — Russia has a flat income tax of 13%, something that Europeans can only dream of.

2. Talented People — Russians often show off their talents by becoming champions in many fields, from computer programming to figure skating.

3. Breathtaking Scenery — Russia is a leader in terms of the volume and diversity of natural resources on its territory.

4. Beautiful People — As someone who has spent several years outside of Russia, Durov says that he can confirm that the percentage of beautiful girls in Russia is significantly higher than in most other countries.

5. Freedom of Expression — Taking a creative approach to pushing the envelope is Russia's national characteristic.

6. Potential for Economic Development — Many like to underscore Russia's lack of development. However, thanks to the lack of development, this leaves the possibility to create new possibilities, which developed countries lack.

7. A Rich Cultural History — Russia gave the world dozens of writers, architects, composers, artists, and scientists.

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