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Where do I spend my cryptic currency?

What you can buy for bitcoins in Russia and in the world

. Payment for goods and services from the account is a usual procedure, and from the fact that e-currency is chosen, nothing changes. In addition, the network space has enough conditional boundaries and the law is almost out of control. The problem that Russian companies are not allowed to accept bitcoins officially is successfully helped by the widespread system of registering organizations in offshore zones. On this trick, some companies even do additional advertising: they claim in advance that they accept the bitcoins for payment. These are primarily online casinos, brokers, intellectual property sales services and consulting centers.
    For example, since 2014 Legal Prime GS Consulting is ready to recalculate the cost of services in ultramodern currency as well. From 2016 travel agency will provide tour or tour for B-coins.
Of course, Europe and the United States have seriously moved on. In these territories, there is no question of how to spend the bitcoins. Among the imported brands known on the territory of Russia, we should name them: In Russia, bitcoins are mostly paid for in online shops and online casinos created in offshore zones, as there is no legal framework for working with this electronic currency. You can see the actual places of reception of the crypt currency at the resource (just open the map and look for icons of shops in your home city, the required labels are marked in the form of drawn bags).

Not all sites advertise the possibility of taking bitcoins. If you want to fly somewhere, for example, from Saint Petersburg or Moscow, then go to airBaltic. This Latvian airline accepts virtual currency as payment for flights.

Until 2017, many food outlets accepted bitcoins for payment, including restaurants Subway, but recently they have refused this method of payment. All in all, recently many Russian companies have stopped dealing with cryptov currencies not only due to unclear legislation and tax problems, but also due to the high volatility of the virtual market.

The bitcoin rate went up to $20,000 and then fell, losing 70% of its value in a matter of days. Against this background, accepting payment becomes more and more risky. Basically, Russians are given the opportunity to pay in bitcoins for services from small firms and individual entrepreneurs. For example, in Ufa you can order flowers at

. More often than not, domestic buyers pay attention to foreign sites, where on quite official terms bitcoins are accepted when paying for a variety of goods and services. Individuals sometimes offer to buy a house or car, but mostly sell home appliances and household goods. Individuals and IEs, as opposed to organizations, are free to choose the payment form themselves. And although in peripheral cities it is unlikely to be possible to convince a used car salesman or a manicurist to accept an exotic coin, in capitals in narrow circles this type of calculation has a walk. The capital, as it should be, sets the tone for mastering the new flow.
The maximum number of points where you can spend bitcoins is located in Moscow:

  • Cab ordering service Wheely;
  • store Store.bitcoin (office equipment, devices);
  • IT clubs with souvenir shops.

What can be purchased for bitcoins in the rest of the world

Micro central banks and other monetary regulators are constantly tightening the rules for trading in crypt currencies. Therefore, it is increasingly necessary to use online bypass payment services abroad.

  1. For example, the platform helps to buy goods on Amazon, acting as a mediator. Let's say you want to buy a phone or something for cryptographic currency. You go to the specified site and leave a corresponding application. Another person who needs bitcoins agrees to buy products for ordinary currency, receiving your virtual coins in exchange. As a result, you get the goods, the shop gets real money, and the third person gets several Bitcoins. The exchange is beneficial to all parties due to the lower fee than on traditional exchange platforms. In addition, such services can negotiate with direct sellers for more favorable terms and discounts.
  2. Microsoft offers to buy games and subscriptions to its services with a deposit of crypt currency. You can read the instruction in English tout.
  3. Popular computer hardware manufacturer Dell also offers to buy goods from him through the service
  4. If you do not need games, consoles and computers, then travel with the site Once again, this service acts as an intermediary who buys airline tickets and rooms at selected hotels for the bitcoins of customers.
  5. Help with travel organization and ticketing website
  6. The hotel room can be booked at
You'll probably remember a lot of news about pizza paid for in cryptic currency. Several craftsmen managed to make a site, which helps to order delicacy from leading pizzerias like Pizza Hut. The service is also relevant for Russian citizens who can translate English descriptions with the help of standard translators and order food and drinks on the territory of the Russian Federation and neighbouring countries. Even tuition is paid for abroad with Bitcoins. For example, virtual payment is accepted by Cyprus University of Nicosia, and American Kings College. But the relevance of the proposals always remains under question. Many companies change their payment methods, so you need to visit the sites and specify the bitcoins acceptance in the sections "Payment".

Interesting way to buy goods in almost any well-known online stores

On site you can buy gift cards for bitcoins for almost 200 online stores and other sites selling services, including for Starbucks, Delta Air Lines, eBay, Walmart, Nike, Best Buy, Apple, Uber, Adidas, Burger King, Columbia Sportswear, Google Play, etc. As a result, you will be able to buy almost anything from home and car products, as well as pay for subscriptions, such as streaming services for movies and TV series. Make yourself or your loved ones a really nice gift.

How to spend your bitcoins on inexpensive things

Suppose you want to spend the Bitcoins not in Russia. Then you have a lot of opportunities, such as buying a diploma or renting a hotel room. Proceed to the list of things that everyone may need!

Hotel room

You can buy a hotel room not in a simple hotel, but in the network Howard Johnson! This is a well-known hotel chain and find a hotel chain in the city where you are going to come is not difficult. We also advise you to visit, where you can find a variety of offers from hotels and airlines. You pay to the site in bitcoins, and the site already pays for tickets and accommodation from you with the usual currency.


Tickets can be found on the above mentioned website, or you can visit On this resource you can book a one-way or two-way flight, as well as create a complex route.


You can also use bitcoins to pay for training in some countries. The first country to offer this option to students was Cipre. It is also possible to pay tuition in crypt-currency at some universities in the USA as well as in Britain.


Yes, you can order pizza at home for the bits! Visit and pay for your order. The site works with pizzerias like Pizza Hut, Domino's and Papa John.


VPN service

If you're worried about being anonymous on the Internet, then we suggest you use a VPN connection that changes the location from which your traffic is sent and so you check in to another geolocation. Attention: not all ISPs are able to accept payment in bitcoins.


You can buy jewellery online Reeds Jewelers. In total the network has about 60 points of sale and you can buy jewelry at any of them.


Dell, a company that produces computers can accept payments through a third-party service Coinbase. Simply make the purchase online, and when you go to the payment page, select "Pay with Bitcoin".


Microsoft allows you to buy applications for computers and tablets using the bits. Unfortunately, this option is only available for America.

Buy goods of LUX class

On you can buy watches, cars and even real estate. The site charges a small commission of up to 5% of the purchase price.


Some online stores offer payment in bitcoins. Moreover, there is such a wonderful resource as, where you can mono look at your cap, T-shirt and other useful things with bitcoin symbols. Payment is made only in bitcoin.

How to spend your bitcoins on luxury goods

How to spend the bitcoins on something we just learned with you. However, let's assume that your wallet is literally breaking down from the bitcoins. Next purchases can only be made by someone who has a few thousand cherished crypto coins.

Villa in Greece

"Malyutka" on the Aegean coast, with five bathrooms, an olive grove and a 50 m pool will cost you only 4,500 bitscoins (just over 1 million euros).


Total for $6 million (21 thousand bitcoins) you can become the owner of a luxury yacht! By the way, the price is negotiable and can be lowered. Characteristics of the yacht: gas cylinder for 5,000 gallons, water tank for 650 gallons, two cabins for VIP guests, recreation area and living room.

Surfaced in Bali

The majority of properties that are sold for sale are located in southern France, Panama and of course in Bali. This chic mansion is hidden from view and stands on the Pantan Pasut River. The cost of the mansion is just over 1 million euros. Together with it you will get a maid and a personal chef. Seven bathrooms, several bedrooms and three whole pools.

Penthouse in Spain

What do I put the bitcoins in? Of course, a penthouse on the Spanish coast! It offers an amazing sea view that you won't find anywhere else. The cost of the building is only 1.5 million euros. In the penthouse, by the way, the whole two Jacuzzis (as if you lacked one), and the length of the terrace as much as 200 meters! The interior was designed by a team of renowned designers.

House in Florida

What can I buy for bitcoins in America? Well, for example, a small house worth $4.5 million. Several bedrooms and bathrooms, a garage for four cars, a wine cellar for 1,500 bottles and a gym. By the way, the house has a total area of 7,000 feet.

House in California

The price of the house remains a secret, however, it is known that it belongs to the golf club and was designed by Guy Dreyer himself! The grounds of the house are about 10,000 feet. By the way, as the owner of a property that previously belonged to the golf club, your contribution to the club will be just over 700 dollars a month.


Yes, you heard me. The company BitsPremier has satellites, each of which will cost you 3,000 bitcoins (just over $1 million). The launch and maintenance of a spacecraft is already included in the rental price for five years (yes, you do not buy it, you just pay the rent). The company has 24 satellites in total and offers to rent them all for a very modest amount of 19 million dollars.

Pink Emerald

Did you think emeralds are only green? In fact, there are a few pink specimens in the world and the largest of them can be bought for bitcoins. It's called the largest morganite (pink emerald) "Pink Princess" and weighs about 170 carats. The cost of "princess" is about $3 million. Buying goods and services for bitcoins is easier for Russians through Western resources. The legislative and tax base in the Russian Federation is not yet sufficiently developed for this purpose, so more often than not Bitcoin payments are accepted by private individuals in a semi-official manner. But in Western countries as well, regulators are gradually placing strict requirements on practically untraceable operations with Bitcoin's decentralized cryptographic currency. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to various services that act as intermediaries, accepting payments in virtual currencies and organizing their immediate transfer to ordinary money, transferring them to online stores. List of current apps is best searched at Google Play or App Store, looking at user reviews and ratings.

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