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Continuous sequential chain of blocks containing information.
The bottom line is that they contain all the unfiltered information that is being deleted.
Thus, you can trace transactions at any stage and learn the whole story. There are copies of the blockers on different computers.

Block account is the basic principle of the crypto currency. But if the viability and future of the crypto currency is questionable, the technology of the blockade has proved itself well and will be used in the banking and commercial spheres. Maybe where else. For example, it is already used in the trade of Irish whiskey to protect against the control factor.

When we conduct some sort of transaction through a bank, we get a receipt, a printout, in some form information on this transaction. Of course, this information will be at the child's level, the bank itself has much more detailed information, not only is our account number listed, but also from which branch of the bank to which it's gone, etc.
But there is even more information than the bank employees, there is a channel for which money, IP, etc. went. A lot of technical information.

As I have already pointed out - money, these are numbers and they do not go anywhere from nowhere, there is always targetedness.

Block is the chain of blocks. In each block you will find all the exhaustive information on a specific transaction. But when someone sent money to someone and they reached the addressee, everyone is happy, all these blocks are not deleted, they are collected in a chain, their copies are saved. So you can trace the whole chain. This thread can be traced by any user. So all operations become transparent. And we know whom to deal with, and with whom we need to think.