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Browsers for kids

There is a lot of dirt on the internet and we want to protect our children from it. In my opinion, with regard to small children, the children's browser is best.

logo Kidoz


Israeli company KIDO'Z has developed the same-name media browser, which allows parents to adapt the PC for convenient use by the child. The technological base of the product is Adobe AIR. The program provides small users with viewing video, launching games and surfing the web.

Russian language is supported. On all offered sites have a Russian version, but for children what's the difference? They are in Russian, that in Chinese, they are guided by the schedule.

Preliminary settings are made by the parents, and all further troubles for the selection of content for the younger generation are taken by KIDO'Z. The interface of the media browser is intuitive, visual and colorful and does not require the child to read.

At present, the KIDO'Z project is absolutely free, but within 3 months the developer plans to provide additional content for a small fee., In a short time this product will be able to offer children the opportunity to communicate through the Network.

logo Gogul


address: Russia


Children's browser.
Gogul's work requires Mozilla Firefox 3.5 or higher.

The explorer in Internet world, specially designed for children, their parents and educators. In the depths of Internet contains a huge array of information that can influence - both positive and negative - on the formation of the child's personality. Internet is a kind of reflection of the world around us, which is rich in treasures, but, alas, not rid of disgraces and ugliness. At all times, adults rightly saw their task as helping a growing child to enter the world, master his wealth and avoid dangers along the way.

Parental Control

Parents enter the password and see that they visited child. But the main task of parents is not to watch, as if the child is not what you need to visit, but to find out interests and preferences, direct and develop the right direction, then you will not have to take care of protection.


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