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A list of keyboard shortcuts for restoring laptop's factory settings | Character Codes for HTML

Adds the current site to Favorites or Read List Ctrl+D
Opens a search query in the address bar Ctrl+E
Opens the Find on page option Ctrl+F
Opens the History Log panel Ctrl+H
Opens the Favorites panel Ctrl+I
Opens the Downloads panel Ctrl+J
Opens a duplicate tab Ctrl+K
Highlights the address in the address bar Ctrl+L or F4, or Alt+D
Opens a new window Ctrl+N
Prints out the current page Ctrl+P
Updates page Ctrl+R or F5
Opens a new tab. Ctrl+T
Closes the current tab Ctrl+W
Opens a new InPrivate window Ctrl+Shift+P
Opens Reading Mode Ctrl+Shift+R
Switches to a specific bookmark Ctrl+1, 2, 3, …
Switches to the last bookmark Ctrl+9
Zooms up 25%. Ctrl++
Decreases scale by 25% Ctrl+-
Drops the scale. Ctrl+0
Returns back Backspace or Alt+
Returns to the front. Alt+→о
Stops page loading Esc
Opens the link in a new tab Ctrl+click
Switches to the following tab Ctrl+Tab
Switches to the previous tab Ctrl+Shift+Tab
Opens a link in a new tab and switches to the tab Ctrl+Shift+click
Opens a link in a new window Alt+Shift+click
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