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A list of keyboard shortcuts for restoring laptop's factory settings | Find key number | Character Codes for HTML

Open self profile Ctrl+I
Open Settings Ctrl+,
Open Help in default browser Ctrl+H
Launch main dialpad Ctrl+D
Start new conversation Ctrl+N
Search contacts and messages Ctrl+F
Hide conversation Ctrl+F4
Show conversation profile Ctrl+P
Hang up call Ctrl+E
Mute Ctrl+M
Edit the last message sent (after sending message)
Navigate to recents Alt+1
Navigate to contacts Alt+2
Navigate to bots Alt+3
Add people to conversation Ctrl+Shift+A
Send a file Ctrl+Shift+F
Mark as unread Ctrl+Shift+U
Toggle hold/resume state of active call Ctrl+Shift+H
Start a video call Ctrl+Shift+K
Start an audio call Ctrl+Shift+P
Send feedback Ctrl+O
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